Day in the Life of an American Expat

Hi There! Happy Thursday. Today, I thought I would share a new day in the life. I haven’t written one since April and a lot has changed since then. I have two jobs now, we’re settled into our apartment and Copley has adjusted to life in Germany. I definitely feel like this is home now and it’s a great feeling.

Yesterday, October 5th, I documented everything I did so I could share a day in my life as an American living in Germany. Or, rather, just an American wife and dog mom who works part-time and happens to live in another country. I would do all of this in the States.

day in the life

5:30 AM – Vinn’s alarm goes off, so he gets up, takes Copley out and starts getting ready for the day.

5:40 AM – Copley eats her breakfast and then comes back to bed. This is when she is the most snuggly and is seriously one of my favorite parts of the day. We literally spoon.

6:45 AM – Vinn leaves for work.

7:30 AM – Copley and I are awake, but we stay in bed for another 20 minutes or so checking social media. Since I’m 6 hours ahead of the East coast, I wake up to a lot of Snapchats. Follow me on Snapchat @jessicawrig

8:15 AM – I throw in a load of laundry and take Copley on her morning walk. I set the alarm on my phone to remind me when it’s finished. The laundry room is in the basement of the house we rent and it takes much longer than in the States. When I forget to set an alarm, I always forget about it! I listen to my beloved Young House Love podcast. It is a chilly morning. Fall is officially here!

copley fall

8:50 AM – get back from our walk and make some breakfast. Today I have some chocolate banana bread (here’s the dairy-free recipe I followed), a cappuccino and a clementine. I watched an old episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and read a daily devotional, which is new for me, but I’m really liking it.


9:10 AM – Tackle my chore of the day, which is vacuuming. I also do dusting because I didn’t get a chance to do it the day before. It feels great to have a clean house!

10:06 AM – Laundry’s done. And now I start this blog post, read other blogs and tackle some things on my to-do list, like call and make Copley her annual vet appointment. Thank goodness for the receptionist speaking English!

10:45 AM – Listen to a German book that is meant for children and the title translates to “A Dog’s Life.” I’ve been checking out books at the library to read that are my German level, AKA the equivalent of a 4 year old. I really like the books that come with a CD because I can read along. I find it super helpful.

12 PM – Copley’s second walk of the day and the second load of laundry. I start listening to The Ladygang podcast. I am just loving all these fall colors.

copley fall

12:40 PM – Lunch time. Today is some turkey deli meat, a little bit of chorizo, an apple and a handful of chocolate covered mango. I eat while watching some tv, browsing on my phone and making a dinner reservation for our weekend in Venice!

1:30 PM – Teach my first of two English classes of the day. Copley sits on my lap the entire time. I also have a cup of vanilla coffee.

3 PM – Class is over. I change the laundry from the washer to the dryer and take Copley on a super quick walk before my next class.

3:40 PM – Eat another piece of banana bread.

3:45 PM – Teach my last English class of the day. Copley is, again, my assistant and sits on my lap.

4:30 PM – Class is over. I blog some more, watch some tv and browse the web.

5:05 PM – Vinn comes home early, which is a nice surprise! We catch up on each other’s days and watch an episode of Modern Family. 

6:00 PM – Head to the gym for a treadmill run before my Bodypump class.

8:30 PM – Hardest class ever. I am in desperate need of a shower.

9:11 PM – Finally eat dinner, which is just potatoes and green beans. Super boring, but Vinn is asleep when I get home and I just want something fast. I’m already sore and exhausted.


9:33 PM – Finish up writing this post with some more Modern Family and a mini Reese’s cup. I catch up on the housewives’ blogs from the latest episode of Orange County.

10:15 PM – Crawl into bed after doing the dishes and immediately pass out.

What does your typical day entail? Do you ever eat a random dinner just because you feel like it?

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