Deep Cleaning Routine

Over the weekend, I did some major deep cleaning. It was an all-day affair and I was sweating way more than I’d like to admit. I absolutely love a clean house and feel embarrassed if it’s not eat off the floor clean whenever someone comes over. OCD anyone?

I must say, that our place looks really nice, like I don’t want to use the shower because it’s so clean. I thought I’d share my routine because I like to read them on other blogs. If you have any tips for making my house stay this clean, I’d love to hear them!

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Start with the bathrooms

Bathrooms are the worst. They are disgusting, there’s hair everywhere and, well, toilets. I start by cleaning the bathrooms first because then it’s out of the way. I’m excited  motivated at the beginning and just like with a to-do list, I tackle what I don’t want to do first.

I use the German equivalent of Clorox in the bathroom, in the tub, shower, sink and toilet. I clean those first. And then the windows. I remove all the products on the vanity and our storage “bookcase” thing to wipe everything clean. There’s Windex here, thankfully, so I wipe the mirrors with that. Finally, the floors. I vacuum first, then use a paper towel to get what it missed and then use a Swiffer with the wet pads.

This weekend, I spent an hour cleaning our 1.5 bathrooms. So, I took a housewives break!

Dust everything

After the bathrooms, I really like to do the rest of the cleaning by task and not room. For some reason, it just makes me feel like I’m getting things done faster. I start with dusting. Normally, I just use the Swiffer duster on everything. But, on deep clean days, I remove everything and then dust.

Wash the baseboards 

Why are these so disgusting? I only do this…oh, once a year.

Windows time

One positive of the windows here in Germany is that they completely open. This way, I can Windex the inside and outside of the windows very easily. Downside, no screens! Remember when that bird flew in?!

Kitchen Countertops 

I clean the kitchen countertops with a multi-purpose cleaner. I don’t have to really deep clean these because I do this daily.

Vacuum the floors

And finally, Swiffer with the wet pads on the floors.

Take nap 

This routine isn’t what I always do, but spending the extra time every few months makes the house sparkle and usually gets me through to the next deep clean.

What’s your deep cleaning routine?



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