Did Adrienne Attend Her Own Party?

Last night was the finale of #RHOBH. And it was boring!

I watched it this morning at the gym and have to say that Adrienne really doesn’t know how to party, Brandi is on the verge of a breakdown circa Taylor Armstrong season 2 and Lisa Rinna turned into a deaf/mute.

There’s really no point is discussing the first 15 minutes of the episode. Nothing happened. NEXT!

Adrienne’s “party.” Seems like Adrienne is the Alex of the West Coast; she’ll throw a party for anything. She has her own casino, her own basketball team, her own shoe line and now her own line of drinks? I’m not really sure if it’s drinks. It’s something called Never Hungover. Maybe it’s a pill. Maybe Shannon Beador is her only customer. I don’t really know. But regardless, Adrienne threw a party and all the ladies, including Camille Donatacci, attended.

I must give a brief shout out to Ken and Lisa Vanderpump. They seem like they are still madly in love. Ken even calls Lisa, “Baby,” which I love. I hope Hubby and I have as great of a relationship as these two in 30 years. #bestcoupleaward


Ok, now, the party. What the F was that?

There were angels in the air, shirtless men giving you drinks and the hostess no where to be found. Seriously, it seemed like Adrienne didn’t show up until the party was at least half way done. What’s up with that?

Kim came to the party looking for answers. But only the answers she wanted. She wanted to hear from Lisa Rinna exactly what Brandi told her about Kim needing an “intervention.” “Intervention” is the new “insecure.” I gotta tell ya, Kim is focusing her anger on the wrong people. She should be angry that Brandi is talking badly about her at all.

Lisa Rinna doesn’t want to get involved anymore. She feels she’s done enough. Kyle gets upset with Lisa Rinna. Lisa Vanderpump tries to talk to Brandi and Brandi starts ugly crying because her dad is sick. I do feel badly that Brandi has to go through something so awful as a parent being sick, but that is no excuse for poor behavior. And she is a Grade A BITCH. I’ll just say it.

I’m kinda over this episode, honestly. It was a bad finale. Nothing happened. Nothing was resolved. I’m confused.

This picture sums it up pretty well:



Kim is angry, Lisa Vanderpump looks like she knows she’s better than all of this, Kyle looks like someone kicked her dog, Brandi is over it, Yolanda is listening intently because she doesn’t know what’s going on because of her lime disease, Eileen is trying to explain how the world works to Lisa Rinna, who is hiding behind her lips. That sums it up nicely.

I have been watching some reunion clips on BravoTV.com and it looks epic! A 3-parter that cuts deep and friendships are tested. I can’t wait!!! Kim and Kyle haven’t spoken in 4 months because Kim’s dog bit Alexia. Seems like Kim is taking the dog’s side.

Until next week with Reunion Part 1.

Whose side are you on: Kim or Lisa Rinna? 

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