Dublin Weekend, The One With All the Fog

OK, so last we left off, we were leaving the Guinness Storehouse and drinking fancy cocktails at Vintage Cocktail Club. Today, I thought I’d share our final two days in Dublin/Ireland where we took a day trip to Cliffs of Moher and Galway and see Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.


Sunday began bright and early because our tour was leaving Dublin for Galway at 7:15 AM. We used Wild Rover Tours to schedule a trip from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher, a stop in Burren and a two-hour stay in Galway.

It takes about three hours to drive from Dublin to the cliffs because it’s on the other side of the island. Our tour guide, Laura, was absolutely fabulous and gave us lots of trivia and history along the way, like how Ireland completely redirected a highway because a “fairy bush” was in the way. And apparently a fairy bush is a really big deal to the Irish!

We made a quick stop on our way at the Barack Obama Plaza, naturally. A few years ago, Barack and Michelle Obama came to Ireland and as tribute named the rest area after him. It was either that or a pub and you can’t really name a pub after the United States President. I must say, too, the eggs were quite good!


As we continued driving, the fog started to get thicker and thicker. I knew fog was an option and you can’t predict or control the weather, but we were hoping that the fog would pass and we’d be able to see the cliffs. Because who wouldn’t want to see this view?


Well…here’s what we saw:


Yup, all fog! Huge let down. The worst part was you could hear the water but had no idea where it was.


This picture is us on the edge of the cliffs. It looks like we are floating in air. It was a huge bummer, especially since we were with a tour group and had to be there for our designated two hours. We spent the majority of the time grabbing some coffee and snacks in the visitors area and buying a print to bring home so we have some kind of idea of what we could have saw. But, what can you do? Mother Nature was not on our side.


After our two hours of torture were up, we hopped back on the bus and headed to Galway. The weather actually started to clear a little bit and we made a 10 minute stop in Burren. It’s this really cool area with flat, black rocks and a cliff.



At least we got to see some water. Can you just imagine it when it’s clear? I bet it’s just gorgeous.

On the drive to Galway from here, we stopped by a leprechaun castle. A real one!!


Can you believe it?! How cute is this?

Once we made it to Galway, we walked around exploring and grabbed a small bite to eat. We didn’t get to really enjoy our stay and definitely want to go back! Every pub we walked by just looked so welcoming and we could see ourselves just sitting there for hours while drinking. Add it to the list!

Once we made it back to Dublin around 8 PM, we headed straight to dinner at FX Buckley’s for some steak. The restaurant was recommended by some friends here in Germany and it was incredible! We haven’t had a good steak for a long time, so it was a welcome meal.


Of course, whiskey was had by one of us, the one wearing the Guinness sweater. The meal was incredibly delicious and afterwards we headed to the Temple Bar area to pretend like we were back in college. It was really fun to listen to live music and watch all the drunk college kids. Then we passed out like the almost 30 year olds we are!

Day Four: St. Patrick’s Cathedral & Whiskey Shopping

On our final day in Dublin, we grabbed some breakfast and explored St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


I snapped this picture because of the cute dog. Vinn and I talked for too many minutes about how much Copley would love the park area of the church. But isn’t the church gorgeous? The cathedral was founded in 1191 and is the tallest church in Ireland.


Note to self, don’t even bother with doing your hair while in Dublin. I figured that out by our last day and just let my hair air dry. Hence the crazy curls!

We walked inside St. Patrick’s and were offered a free tour, which we easily accepted. We learned all about the history of the church and how it was originally Catholic and then switched to Protestant and is now Catholic. I really enjoyed how they incorporated Irish history and not just religious history into the church. It was really fascinating.


The stained glass windows are incredible in the cathedral. I love stained glass windows, they remind me of our wedding.


The above stained glass tells the story of the Bible, starting with the bottom left as Jesus’ birth and then to the bottom right and the center up with the crucification. Absolutely beautiful.


This tree is an example of how the cathedral incorporates history into it. This tree symbolizes all the men and women who died while fighting for Ireland during the two World Wars. People write down the names of anyone in their families who died and then hang the leaves on the tree. The hope is that the tree will fill up with names and Ireland can honor all the lives lost. The flags hanging around are also all the flags that have been associated with Ireland since the beginning of time. I really enjoyed learning all of the history.


We ended up staying at St. Patrick’s for over an hour and then did some more exploring. Thank goodness for the self-timer on the camera, it is so helpful in situations with no one around. I just love how green the grass is in Dublin. It’s from all the rain, obviously, but at least something positive comes from something negative.


We eventually made our way back to the hotel so we could head to the airport, where we spent way too long at the Duty Free counter. Vinn really wanted to buy some whiskey to bring home, especially the ones that aren’t available in Germany or anywhere outside of Ireland. Basically, the ones that don’t export yet.


He walked away with 4 new bottles which are now proudly displayed on our bar. They are the perfect reminder of our trip and are something that Vinn enjoys so much. And that concludes our weekend trip to Dublin. We definitely want to go back!

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