Early to Rise



Today and yesterday Hubby and I went to the gym before work. And when that alarm goes off at 4:50 AM, it sucks!!

But it sucks for about 2 minutes as my eyes start to adjust from sleeping to awake. It sucks because the covers are so cozy and the outside world is still. I don’t want to get up.

But then I do.

And I feel great! The second my feet touch the floor, I’m happy I’m awake. I get dressed, drink some water, grab my iPod (or today I grabbed my Andy Cohen book) and head on out.

Today’s workout was a cross-training day, so I hit up the elliptical, read my book and then did some weights. It was great.

As I sit at my desk eating lunch, I have come to the realization that working out in the morning has become my everything. I love the feeling at around 7 AM. I feel accomplished, ready for the day and that I can do anything!! Even if it’s not the best workout of my life, it’s better than not doing it. Am I right? Am I right?

We’re on a  2-day streak of early morning workouts and I want to continue rising early.

Do you wake up early? Do you workout in the morning? 

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