Embarrassing Movies I Love

love movies. Slapstick comedy, romantic comedies, dramas, anything except scary movies. I like so many movies that I don’t think I could share just one favorite. And some of my favorite movies are just down right embarrassing, but I can’t help it!! Here are those movies.

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Movie 1: She’s the Man 

Hands down, this is seriously top 15 of my favorite movies. My best friend makes fun of me so much for loving this movie, but I just can’t help it! It came out when Amanda Bynes was still normal and before Channing Tatum became the leading name he is today. He’s still gorgeous, obvi. Favorite line: Do you like cheese? Why yes, my favorite’s Gouda!

Movie 2: Down to You

A classic teen romantic comedy. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Styles star in this quirky movie about two college kids falling in love. They have weird friends…one is in porn…and weird parents, but there’s just something about it that I love. I haven’t watched it for years, but I can remember watching way too many times in high school.

Movie 3: Life Size 

Okay, one of two Lindsay Lohan movies. Also, if there’s one movie that’s the most embarrassing, it is definitely this one. Tyra Banks plays a doll that comes to life after Lindsay Lohan wishes she were alive. It even sounds awful, but it’s still a cute Disney Channel movie.

Movie 4: Freaky Friday

My how the mighty fall. Jaime Lee Curtis is a legit actress and she stars in this movie with an older Lindsay Lohan where she switches places with her daughter. They get to see things from the other’s perspective, which we all know how that goes. It’s corny, but great.

What are your favorite embarrassing movies?

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