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Wow! What a weekend! There are no words to describe how wonderful it was to have my parents here. We spent some great time together watching sports, drinking sangria and just hanging out. They were kind enough to store some of our more valuable items, like my wedding dress, our wedding album and KitchenAid mixer, which was the main reason for their trip.

Of course our pending move to Europe was a hot topic of discussion, which got me thinking on Sunday night about all the great places we can visit in the next 3 years! Planning our move has been a roller coaster ride and I want to share everything so someone else going through something similar can read about my experience and know everything will work out….I hope!

Hubby and I love to travel. We both studied abroad (me in Italy and Hubby went to Spain & Belgium), we visited my sister when she was studying abroad, we went to Aruba on our honeymoon and traveled many places across the US of A.

Now that we have a chunk of time and easy access to more places on our bucket list, I thought I’d share our first list of European travel destinations. Of course this list will change, but these are “must-dos.” Suggestions welcome and I’ll blog about our adventures. (In no particular order…)

Vienna, Austria



I have been obsessed with Sound of Music since I was probably 5 years old. I used to act out all the marching around the house and use our L-shaped couch as the gazebo scene with Lisel. I want to take the Sound of Music tour and visit all the great cafes and museums here. Austria seems like such a magical place. Bonus, it’s a 4 hour drive!!

Zurich, Switzerland


I mean, hello, gorgeous! A city on the water that is supposed to have some of the best restaurants in the world! I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

Lake Como, Italy



Solely want to visit Lake Como for the possible George Clooney sighting! This place looks so romantic and think it will make a great anniversary destination. I also want to go to the Amalfi Coast, but I’ve been there so it doesn’t make the list. Hubby hasn’t, though, and it is utterly amazing!!

Auschwitz, Poland



On a more serious note, I want to go to Auschwitz in Poland. I had (and still do) a fascination with the Holocaust in high school because I just couldn’t believe something like that could happen in the world. I feel like this is something I need to see in my life, something that I need to see to believe. Hubby went to Anne Frank’s house when he was studying abroad and said it was life changing. I feel like that’s how this will be. I better wear waterproof mascara.

London, England



Again, this one solely for the possible Kate Middleton sighting, but also for the shopping!! I know London is quite expensive, but I’m can’t wait to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and eat some fish and chips!!

Prague, Czech Republic



I have heard only wonderful things about Prague. Another city on the water!! This is actually on the list for the first family visit, so we might be here sooner rather than later!!

Bordeaux & Champagne, France



Because, obviously. Vineyards are going to be a frequent stop for us! We both love wine and I love the champs, so liver, get ready!

Of course cities in Germany will be on our list, but the above are the top, top places I want to see and will be upset if we don’t. I better start saving my pennies. Thank goodness we get 30 vacation days as the German standard!

What’s on your travel bucket list?? Have you been to any of these places and have suggestions?


  1. Tigerotor77W | 19th Jan 16

    Hey! It’s Xing. Just saw an old post on Vincent’s page and read your post — your list looks terrific! Let me know if you ever want a travel companion, specifically one that will slow you down because he’ll only ever take pictures. And eat and sleep. 😀

    Looking forward to meet up at some point after you’re settled; naturally, you’re also welcome over here for skiing (disclaimer: after I settle down — Jan / Feb are terrible months for free weekends)!

    Post up some pics and see you soon — safe travels!

    • Jessica Howard | 19th Jan 16

      Hi Xing!! So great to hear from you. A travel companion/tour guide would be wonderful! Looking forward to seeing you. FYI, neither of us ski, so if you moonlight as a ski instructor, that’d be awesome.

      • Tigerotor77W | 20th Jan 16

        Ha! Okay, deal — I’ll brush up on my skills… by which I mean I’ll fall down on snow and brush it off occasionally.

        How’s the preparation coming along? Which weekend is your first one here?

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