Hi, I’m Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess. I’m an American living outside Stuttgart, Germany with my husband and dog. Room for Gelato is a personal blog where I share all the joys, adventures, and fun that come with life and how there is always room for amazing things, like how you always have room for gelato after a delicious steak and potatoes meal.

Here on Room for Gelato I write about the trials, tribulations and joys that come with being an expatriate, travel adventures, delicious recipes, great books and music, yummy restaurants and more! To read the backstory on the blog name, check out my Why Room for Gelato? page.

about_meThe goal is to celebrate life, both the big and small things. I truly believe that life is worth living and that the best is yet to come. The below six things are the biggest pieces of my life that bring me happiness.



1 – My husband, Vinn, and I have been married since October 26, 2013 (the best day ever!) and have been together since freshman year of college. Vinn is my best friend in the entire world and I love the life we are building together. He loves whiskey, tennis, trying my recipes (most of the time) and sitting on our balcony.

2 – Copley, our 6-pound Cockapoo, or in German, Schnoodle. I am obsessed with her, love her like a child and she goes everywhere with me. She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball as big as her face, to cuddle on the couch and to bark at birds.

3 – I have a hard time turning down dessert and believe that no matter how much I eat for dinner, there is always room for something sweet, hence the name of this blog.

4 – I absolutely love coffee and am a firm believer that the day doesn’t start until I’ve had some caffeine. I have several cups of coffee per day and enjoy an afternoon cappuccino when the mood strikes.

5 – Traveling is my favorite pastime. A huge perk of living in Germany is being able to travel around Europe, crossing amazing places off my bucket list. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite, but anytime I can go to Italy is a good time.

6 – Prosecco is my drink of choice because there’s always something to celebrate!