Exploring Heidelberg

Happy Monday! It’s the start to a new week and I can’t believe it’s going to be June! Seriously, where is this year going?! Apologies for not writing my typical Friday Favs post last week, but I just wasn’t feeling extra creative or motivated to write anything.

But, boy did I get some creative juices flowing this weekend because Vinn and I went to Heidelberg, Germany on Saturday. We went with a colleague who lives nearby and showed us around. It was an amazing day that was too short and too full of rain. We will definitely go back!


A quick history lesson: Heidelberg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and has the oldest university in the country. The city’s famous castle, Schloss, was built in the 12th and 13th centuries and destroyed in the 17th century. And that is how the castle remains, just as it was booed. It was amazing to see. And during World War II, the Allies appreciated the city so much and didn’t bomb, invade or destroy Heidelberg in anyway.

When we arrived in Heidelberg, we immediately went to castle and took a 100 year old train to the top. It was incredible! The train was built in 1907, is made of wood and is on one pulley.


Isn’t that incredible?

And the view at the top was worth the incredibly long wait time. And it was really hot.



Of course, the Copley Bean came with us. She’s so darn cute. Disregard my shiny face…I told you it was hot!

After exploring the views, we went back down to explore more of the castle.


Gorgeous. The older portions of the castle are made from stone and the newer parts are made from brick.


And the best part about Heidelberg: the world’s biggest wine barrel that has ever held wine! It can hold 550,000 liters of wine and was custom built to fit inside the room.


Isn’t that just incredible? Copley is a great size comparison. Look at how tiny she is. Dang!

And then it start pouring!! We were soaked to the bone and decided to come home.

We had a great day trip to Heidelberg and we’re excited to go back and spend more time walking around and trying restaurants. We were there for 5 hours and all we did was visit the castle!

How was your weekend? 


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    Awesome blog. Learned alot. Keep it up

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