Exploring Stuttgart

We love in a suburb north of Stuttgart, Germany. There are so many amazing things to explore in Europe, but sometimes it’s nice to explore the city where we live. I want to look back and reflect on our time here with the fondest memories of our travel and exploring, not that we watched a bunch of tv.

This weekend, we had some down time, so we took the train from our town to downtown Stuttgart on Saturday. We had a plan to visit a donut shop that ended up being closed. Without an agenda, we just walked around and it was fabulous. It was a great reminder that staying in the same city can bring such joy!

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One great thing about Germany is that we can bring Copley everywhere. She gets on the train and bus with us all the time. She came along on this adventure!

We were just walking around and happened to find the Longchamp store.  I am obsessed with Longchamp. I got my first one in college (the Pliage) and have purchased several since. I have been searching for a nicer overnight bag for all of our upcoming travels and Longchamp makes a travel Pliage! It is completely expandable, comes in a variety of colors and I am in love. I may or may not have made a purchase that day randomly. Here’s the one I bought from the Nordstrom site. The one in the store was only 145 euro!


We decided to keep strolling around the main areas of Stuttgart and found this insanely cute coffee roaster, Harry’s!! Their sign said they had cold brew, which I have not seen anywhere. And, it was delicious. It even came with an orange slice.


We sat and enjoyed our coffees for a little while before heading to the Feursee area. There’s an incredibly gorgeous gothic church there that was just stunning.


I mean, look at this!! We enjoyed walking around and admiring everything together.


All in all, we had a great, low-key Saturday just strolling without a care in the world. It started to get insanely hot around 1 PM, like 90 degrees, so we headed home so we could sit with the fans going. Yes, I said fans. There isn’t air conditioning anywhere. It’s not horrible, but when it’s 90 degrees, it sucks.

I hope to keep exploring Germany and Europe. The downtown is only a 20 minute train ride away. We need to embrace this time and see everything. A great reminder that you don’t need to travel for hours and hours or spend a bunch of money (except for my bag) to have a great time and see amazing sights.

What’s your favorite inexpensive thing to do in your town?

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