Fat Tuesday = Day of Rest

Hey Hey! It may be Fat Tuesday in Louisiana, but here in Germany, it’s a day of rest.

That’s right, this family did pretty much NOTHING today. It was glorious. We were pretty disappointed and frustrated yesterday that we didn’t have any apartments to see, my paperwork couldn’t be finalized and that everything else we need to do is dependent upon something else.

Everything moves pretty slowly here. I’ve noticed that working people are only meant to do their exact position. In the States, you do what you have to do to get the project done, even if it technically falls outside of your realm of responsibility. Not the case in Germany. If it falls to someone else, said person will direct you to someone else.

Another thing, everyone smokes!

How can a country so progressive in health care, social politics and work/life balance not understand how bad smoking is for you?! Don’t they get to the same findings as the United States? Don’t they have the same chilling commercials with grandpa who can’t talk to his grandkids because he has to talk through a tube? I guess not.

Last night we had some meat, cheese, crackers, grapes and wine for dinner. We’ve done this in the past, this time we just didn’t have our Crate & Barrel wood block. And it was missed.



Check out what else I found in the grocery store!



These are koala yummies! I don’t know their real name, but my sister and I used to love getting these as snacks when we were kids. I rarely found them in the States, but there they were, right in front of me in the Kufland grocery store. I’m going to do a full write-up on how to grocery shop in Germany because it is quite different. We’ve only been twice and only for meat, cheese and koala yummies. Once we’re settled and I shop for meals, I’ll write up something.

Today, it rained the majority of the day, so we basically stayed inside. We ventured to get a cappuccino, which I will always love, and I worked out. Man, I missed working out! It is definitely going to keep me sane until we have some sort of established routine.

We researched what kind of car to get (I think some kind of VW), which bank will work best for us and studied some German.



Oh, and puppy snuggles.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and then just came back to the room to write this post and pass out. One other thing to note that is different, restaurants charge for water. It was like that in Italy, too, and most European countries, I think. It is weird different to not have water while eating. I don’t hate that my large wine was only 7 euro, though! I could definitely get used to that!

Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow Hubby and I both go to work and try to establish some sense of normalcy. Wish us luck!

How was Fat Tuesday? 

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