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The Oscar Nominations just came out and La La Land has been nominated for 14 Oscars, tying Titanic and All About Eve. Now, I love movies and love watching the Oscars. I usually don’t love all the movies that are nominated, but I like to branch out and see something different. When the nominations came out, I realized that I’ve never seen All About Eve. And if it’s been nominated for the most Oscars of all time, I figured I should probably watch it, right?

So, that’s what I did yesterday.


Yesterday, I sat down and watched All About Eve on Netflix. I had no idea the plot of the movie or anything other than Andy Cohen referred to Gretchen Rossi as “All About Eve” during her first reunion. Well, let me tell you. This movie is a true classic. It came out in 1950 (!), is filmed in black and white and stars Bette Davis and is one of Marilyn Monroe’s first films. The story line is there’s a theater actress who is in the prime of her career. She meets a fan, Eve, who then befriends her and starts being her assistant, essentially. Well, Eve has more plans that just being this star’s friend. Eve manipulates, plots and steals her way into being the next big actress! It has everything that makes a movie great: a little bit of a love story, twisting plot lines, manipulating, intrigue, great music and a hint of crazy. I really enjoyed it! Plus, now I know where the line, “Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride,” comes from.

After watching this oldie but goodie, it got me thinking about other classic movies I love and what I love about them. I love the way classic movies are made. Something about the way there was an orchestra whose violins start when there’s about to be a climax or a huge turn of events. Something about the dialogue and how sophisticated everyone behaves. Something about the way women walked and carried themselves. Something about the way women speak, saying things like, “Oh, heaven’s no.” Maybe it’s the black and white film, but women’s skin was just incredible back then, porcelain like.  The best movie quotes from all time come from classic….or old….movies. Like the number one quote of all time, “Quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Oh, Rhett, you are a beast!! That’s Gone With the Wind for people who don’t know or title that movie Snore with the Wind….

Anyway, I started thinking about my favorite classic movies and wanted to share them. I’d love to hear your favorite classic movies, too, especially if they aren’t on this list! I will point out that I’ve never seen Citizen Kane or Casablanca. But they are on my list!!

Wizard of Oz. An obvious choice. I love that there’s singing in the movie and would act out the yellow brick road down the hallway of my house growing up. It did scare me at first. I had nightmares about the wicked witch selling me coffee because my mom told me that the actress was in a coffee commercial to try to make me less scared. I think her point was to say that she’s just an actress, don’t be scared.

Grease. Another musical. But does it get any better than John Travolta pre-Scientology in a leather jacket? Short answer, no.

Gone with the Wind. Although this is the longest movie of all time, I still love it. I love Scarlett and how she doesn’t care what people think. And Mammie. Oh Mammie. She’s my favorite character of all time. “It just ain’t fittin’.”

The Godfather. Not as old as some others, but it is definitely a classic! Marlon Brando is at his finest. The first one is my favorite and third one is a waste of time. But this movie has everything: love, violence, Italian cooking, dancing, manipulation, power struggles. I love it!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. No need for an explanation here. But Audrey Hepburn changed the world with this movie.

Mary Poppins. I’m sensing a pattern now that I’m writing these down. I love musicals and the dancing penguins are my favorite part of the whole movie. Plus, it’s Julie Andrews, she can do no wrong.

Sound of Music. Speaking of Julie Andrews, probably my favorite musical of all time is this movie. I mean, I dragged my poor husband to the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg!

Sophie’s Choice. Overall, this movie didn’t super impress me. But that scene! The scene that won Meryl her second Oscar. That scene was so incredibly powerful, it is the only reason I would watch that movie again.

I do watch a lot of movies…wow. I clearly love musicals and something with a little bit of drama. I would love to watch some other classic movies, too. It is the perfect winter or rainy day activity.

What are your favorite classic movies?

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