Feelings Don't Matter to #RHONY

We’re on the fourth episode of #RHONY and I can’t believe how little we’ve seen of Kristen. Where’s Kristen? Did she drink too much Eboost and has been spending too much time in the bathroom?

The episode opens with Heather and Carole drinking coffee on a park bench talking like 2 sorority girls after a formal. Carole’s been dating the chef from Lu’s house and she ate a bad “gummy bear” that made her vomit on a pedi-cab. Seriously? Is she 19 and drinking for the first time away from home? WTF.

Bethenny has a birthday party, which is very different from birthdays past. Do you remember the birthday from her own show when she ripped her pants against the brick wall and cried because Jason put too much attention on her? Was I the only one rooting for Bethenny and Jason?

Bethenny invites everyone…but Kristen and Dorinda. Mistake? Totally forgot? Who knows. Who cares? You can’t invite everyone to an intimate dinner party. Well, I guess this wasn’t really an intimate dinner party because Sonja brings her date that’s closer to her daughter’s age and he brought a “friend.” Luann had a date and Heather came stag.

Let’s get to the juicy stuff.

Dorinda has dinner with her boyfriend, John, and he talks very inappropriately about her daughter. It was disgusting. I don’t blame Dorinda being upset when he said he was going to call her up. What is that?


And then, dinner. Dorinda, Bethenny, Carole and Heather meet for dinner. And by dinner, I mean 2 pieces of sashimi for 4 girls.

Bethenny and Dorinda bond over a sample sale, everyone discusses what to do with your “late” husband’s body and Heather tells Bethenny that Kristen was upset she wasn’t invited to the party.


Now, I don’t think it was Heather’s place to talk about Kristen, but Bethenny could have handled the situation better. She went a little crazy. She pulled a Vicki Gunvalson and fell asleep during the conversation. Bethenny claimed she doesn’t know Kristen so why would she be invited. Dorinda says she was a little upset that she wasn’t invited. Didn’t we learn anything as children?! Not everyone gets invited to everything! It’s okay to be a little upset that you aren’t invited, but you move on with your life. Geeze.

All in all, this episode was quite boring. When does the drama happen?! These past 4 episodes remind me of living in my sorority house…and I didn’t like the drama then!

Did you watch? Do you like having Bethenny back?


  1. cityfella | 30th Apr 15

    Not sure. Back in the day she was one of my favorites. Not sure I like Bethenny 2.0 . Both versions are quick and funny, but this one has a negative edge. Its a wait and see. As for Heather, whats up with that? Did Bravo buy her a new pot?

  2. howardjessm | 30th Apr 15

    I agree. Maybe her divorce is causing her to be negative. Oh Heather, she needs to deal with her own stuff. Let’s keep watching!!

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