Fighting the Vacation Blues

Vinn and I just got back from our whirlwind weekend in Venice. We left late Friday night and returned late Monday night. And by late, I mean we walked into our apartment at 12:15 AM. We both had to work today and then I had to pick up Copley from her pet sitter (the best feeling is snuggling with her on the couch!!), hence the no update from Venice yet. I am still going through all of our 300+ pictures! Yes, 300 pictures from basically 2.5 days. But this weekend was incredible.

Venice is the most beautiful city on water and Vinn and I had the best time walking around, drinking bellinis, eating pizza, taking water taxis, going on a gondola ride and having multiple bottles of wine per day. I can’t wait to share our trip!

Coming back from such a fantastic trip is always difficult. Similar to post-holiday blues or post-wedding blues, there’s such a thing as vacation blues. There’s so much buildup to big life moments, and so much planning and anticipation that goes into those moments, and when they’re over, I feel deflated almost. I feel sad that my entire life can’t always be the vacation or whatever life moment we happen to be celebrating at the time.

fighting vacation fatigue

This time around I’m determined to fight the vacation blues and to realize that life is such a gift and I am lucky to have such amazing experiences.

I truly believe that life is all about your mentality and your mindset. I can remember feeling incredibly low after we got back from our honeymoon. I felt like, “What now?” Silly, I know. And now that we’re back from Venice, I am determined to not get the vacation blues.

Instead, I’m going to relish in the memories that Vinn and I made together and to focus on how fortunate we are to be able to go on vacations like this one. I am going to remanence about listening to the live bands in San Marco, look fondly at the pictures we took and cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

Do you ever experience the vacation blues? How do feel after an amazing life moment? 

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