First Days in Germany

Guten Tag! The Howard’s are in Germany!

I still can’t even believe that sentence. It’s almost like we’re here on vacation and that’s it. But, no. We will be living here for 3 years!! Until 2019. When I’m turning 31. Wow. That puts it all into prospective, doesn’t it.

But, now, let’s jump back to the beginning and share the whole German journey, shall we?

The flight

I talked about what an ordeal it was bringing Copley yesterday, but I didn’t talk about the flight itself.

I got to the airport in plenty of time, thank goodness, because the line was incredibly long to check-in. I can’t check-in online when traveling with the pup.



Once I was all checked in, I went through security without any major hiccups. I talked to a guy who lived in Germany and actually worked in the same city as Hubby. What are the odds?

I had to jump on a work call for about 20 minutes, walked around with Copley to tire her out and then went to grab a much needed alcoholic beverage.



Copley whined a little bit when I put her in her bag at first, but then she calmed down and we kept walking around until it was time to board. I called my mom for a final send off and then we walked onto the plane with our one-way ticket to Germany!!

I was seated in a 4-seat row but only one other person showed up. Score! I made use of the inflight entertainment.


I watched The Intern, The Martian and Aladdin. All good movies, but I gotta give it up to Matt Damon. If he’s what a botanist looks like, maybe I should find a new career path!



Copley did amazing on the flight. She whined when I went to the bathroom twice and then again for a few minutes around 8:30. I am so proud of her! Advice for everyone: get your dog used to their carrier by leaving it out for a week and travel when the dog is young. I think that totally saved us!

We were reunited with Hubby and all was right with the world. We drove 2 hours from the Frankfurt airport to Stuttgart and I immediately took a shower and a 3 hour nap.

Then we decided to take get dressed and explore the city. We took the train to downtown Stuttgart and Copley came with us. Dogs can ride on all trains and buses for the same price as a child.



First family photo in Germany!

Copley got so much attention everywhere we went. It will definitely help us learn German because all other dog owners want to talk to other dog owners.

We walked around before settling on an Italian place for dinner. Again, Copley could come with us.



Hi, Bean! And prosecco! And extremely tired face!

We ate and came back to the hotel because we were all exhausted. Huge news: Netflix works in Germany!! The shows aren’t all there but we can definitely watch! Big Bang Theory is on in Germany, weird. We watched that show on and off but now we can binge watch it. Score! The Bravo Now app works, too.

Sunday, everything is closed. It’s like a country full of Chik-Fil-A’s. We slept in, which was amazing. Copley did get up to go to the bathroom at 1 AM but then slept until about 8 and laid around the rest of the day. I went to the gym and got in a nice workout. It felt amazing.

We went on a nice walk, Facetimed with family and grabbed burgers and a Coca-Cola Light. For some reason, these taste so much better than Diet Coke. And I haven’t had Diet Coke in probably years and this tasted delicious!


Today, Monday, we met up with our relocation agent who helped me attempt to get some of my residency paperwork. I say helped because the law changed on February 1st and residency paperwork is only required once you are living in a place for more than 3 months. So, that was a bust. We talked about setting up apartment viewings, how to get a bank account and a car and went about our day.

The language hasn’t been too much of an issue. It’s difficult to order food, but a lot of people speak enough English for communication. The hardest part so far is not knowing where to go or what to do. It’s overwhelming. But, we have each other and our dog is here safely with us. We have a hotel room, a car and easy access to a grocery store. All is well.

Tomorrow is a new day for exploring! Keep checking back!

How was the Super Bowl? What was your favorite ad?


  1. britinbavaria | 8th Feb 16

    Wilkommen in Deutschland 😉 You’re in Stuttgart? Definitely check out the art museum 🙂 And the next soft drink to try is Spezi!

    Once you find your feet a bit more, I recommend starting a basic German class. It’s true that a lot of people speak English, but you’ll feel a bit more empowered once you can handle basic conversations.

    Best of luck!

    • Jessica Howard | 9th Feb 16

      Oh! Good to know. I will definitely check out the art museum. Thanks for the advice. We are taking some German classes. I would love to become somewhat fluent or at least be able to get around. Since I’m living here for 3 years, I should learn German!

      • britinbavaria | 9th Feb 16

        Yeah, I stopped by there once when I had half a day to waste in Stuttgart (on the way somewhere else) and I really loved it – at the time they had a Munch exhibit. I have to stop by Stuttgart next month for work and I’m hoping to fit somewhere cultural in, so I’m scoping out more things I could check out there 🙂

        Good luck with the German! If Stuttgart has any Stammtisch groups (try FB), getting a tandem partner is really helpful with the Deutsch.

  2. Laura mazurek | 9th Feb 16

    I love this! Please keep us updated, so I can live by curiously. I love that Copley can go with you. Sounds like you are off to a good start!

    • Jessica Howard | 9th Feb 16

      Hi Laura! I will definitely keep everyone updated! I plan to blog for the 3 years! Miss you. Little Miss Madelyn is so precious!

  3. Kim Reynolds | 9th Feb 16

    I hope the weather there is starting to show signs of Spring coming?

    • Jessica Howard | 9th Feb 16

      Perhaps! We’ve had rain the past few days, so hopefully that’s a good sign!

  4. Kimberly Wright | 9th Feb 16

    Great to see you’ve landed and hit the ground running (as much as possible). Before you know it you two will look back on how much you’ve accomplished in Germany and laugh. At least you’ll make great mentor’s when the next flock of Ex-pats come into town. I’m sure once you get your new home and settled all else will fall into place. Keep in touch and let us know the best way to keep in touch. Proud of you for taking this journey together and know it will be such a great experience with lasting memories. The 3 years will more than likely fly by. Enjoy –Hugs and love your way!
    Aunt Kimmie and the Wright Brothers

    • Jessica Howard | 9th Feb 16

      Hi Other Wright’s! Glad to hear from you! I’ll let you know the best way to keep in contact. Xoxo

  5. Ara Lawrence | 9th Feb 16

    Go glad to keep up by reading your blog. Great job! What a wonderful experience for you. Uncle Guy may pass along some info as he has been there many times. Much love, Grandma and Al

    ps: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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