First Long Half Marathon Training Run

This is probably the longest post title ever, but I am exhausted and this is all I got! 🙂

Hubby, my sister and I are running a half marathon in October and I am actually started to get excited! I’ve run throughout the week but only 2-3 miles at a time and a 6 mile run over Labor Day. On Sunday, I ran my first “official” training run. Editor’s Note: I don’t have any pictures from my run, so this will be a wordy post.

I hit the pavement and ran 8 miles. And I felt great! The weather was awesome for a run; it was brisk but sunny. My absolute favorite weather. I did the worst thing you can do when you’re going on a long run: I ran the first mile too fast. Way. Too. Fast. I ran the first mile in 9 minutes and 45 seconds. WHAT?!?!?! I haven’t run this fast…I think ever. I felt really great after that mile, but once I hit a hill, I couldn’t take it.

I forgot how many hills there are on the path and as I was going up, all I could think was, “When do I come down?!”

The last 2 miles were really rough. I think I was more shuffling than actually running. But, I finished! And I actually finished in a 11:30 overall pace. I realize that is way slower than my start, but I’m okay with it. I did it! I need to thank iHeart radio for helping pass the time. It’s a free app like Pandora but there aren’t any commercials unless you change channels. Check it out!

Here’s to running 10 miles this coming weekend. Who said I’d never run another race? Oops.

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