Friday Favs

I can’t believe it’s Friday! Where did this week go? I’m so looking forward to this weekend. My BFF is coming into town and I’m so excited to see her and spend time lounging, watching tv, shopping and dining al fresco.

This past week was a really good week for me. There are definitely some favs from this week, so let’s hop to it!

Having 6,000 steps before 7 AM


Side note: I changed my phone to Italian so my Jawbone app is in Italian. It’s really cool, but I need to look at the app when I’m by a computer so I can translate.

Yesterday I went to Orangetheory at 5:30 AM. I thought it was going to be super rough to get up, but the fact that I had to register and pay for the class was the perfect motivation to pop out of bed.

It was a great class and I had a ton of energy at work…until 4 PM. I crashed at 4. I needed to get better sleep and eat more throughout the day. Here’s to next time!

Eliminating a lot of sugar and carbs


On Monday, I stepped on the scale and got discouraged. I had been feeling much better about how I look, but the scale didn’t reflect that. So, I decided to somewhat go cold turkey and eliminate sugar and carbs from my diet. No sugar in my coffee (which is awful), no chocolate, no bread, no pasta, basically nothing delicious. It’s been a few days and I do notice a difference in my stomach. I’m a lot less bloated. The side effects aren’t great. I’ve had a headache every single day and hit a crash in the middle of the day. I think my body is going through a withdraw and just needs to get used to it.

Amy Schumer Girl Crush


To say that I have a girl crush on Amy Schumer is an understatement. I think she is just fabulous. She makes no apologies for who she is and doesn’t care that she doesn’t fit into the Hollywood stereotype. The best line I’ve ever heard her say, “I’m 160 pounds and I can get dick any time I want.” HILARIOUS! You go girl. I love her.

Hubby being home

I just love my hubby and I’m so glad he’s home. Life is just better when he’s around.

What did you love this week? Any big plans for the weekend?

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