Friday Favs {April 14}

Happy Good Friday, everyone. Vinn has the day off today and we are heading to the Alsace, France region for two nights with another couple. We are really looking forward to a small weekend getaway. But before we hit the road, I thought I’d share my Friday Favs from this week.

Fresh flowers




I just love fresh flowers. They bring so much light into the house, they smell good and make me really happy. They are one of the simple pleasures in life. And tulips are everywhere right now and I just love these.

Seeing my first Stolperstein 




A Stolperstein or stumbling stone is everywhere in Germany. These are square brass stones with the names and life dates of victims of the Nazi Holocaust. This is an art project that started by a German artist in 1996 and is still ongoing. The stones are located at the last known address or work address from men, women and children who were forced from their homes and died during Adolf Hitler’s reign. Most of the stones represent the Jewish victims but also commemorate homosexuals, the mentally disabled, gypsies and others persecuted by the Nazi Party. There are over 56,000 of these in 22 countries throughout Europe. It is a nice project to remind everyone of history and to honor those who lost their lives.

The one above is in our little town and a five minute walk from our apartment. I must have walked over it a million times and never seen it. But now I notice it all the time and have found several others in and around Stuttgart. It’s kind of like, once we see one, you notice all the others. This one says, “Here lived Lydia Würth. Born 1896. First lived here in 1905. Died August 7, 1940.”

Each stone is made individually and costs about 120 Euro. Each stone must be sponsored and you can find more information on their website. This is such an incredible movement to serve as a reminder of history.

Long, French weekend

We are off to France now with some friends. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ll fill you in on Monday!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. How are you celebrating Easter?

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