Friday Favs {April 15}

TGIF! It’s Fri-yay…thank Goodness. Happy Tax Day. Hubby did our taxes online and it was the first time we didn’t have a trained tax professional doing our taxes. At least they’re done, right?

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to discuss the Friday Favs from this week. I had a little bit of post-holiday blues but was surprisingly busy and have some great things to share this week.

The Paper Year Podcast


I started listening to The Paper Year podcast after reading an article about it on The Evan and Caitlin got married in October 2015 and decided to share their first year of marriage via podcast. The name The Paper Year comes from the classic anniversary gift for the first year of marriage: paper. Caitlin is funny and says the only paper gift she wants is money, which, a girl after my own heart! They also interview other couples, including their parents, about marriage, life, how adding children changes the mix and life in general. Hubby and I have been married almost 2.5 years (wait, what?!) and I really love hearing marital advice and funny stories from others going through life. It’s a really funny podcast and perfect to listen to on long walks or commutes.

Eating peanut butter



We brought over some Jif peanut butter and I’ve been saving it for “special occasions.” And after a hard work out, it was time to eat some PB and apple slices. I have to ration this stuff. I love it so much. As does Copley! 🙂

Finding Taco Seasoning 



I cannot express how excited I am to have found taco seasoning!! I couldn’t find it in the grocery store after two weeks and yesterday I decided to check out an area above some frozen food and BOOM, there they were. Taco seasoning and tortilla shells!! Guess who’s going to make tacos this weekend?!?!? THIS GAL.

Fresh Flowers



Aren’t these gorgeous?!?! Hubby brought them home for me yesterday just because. Aren’t those the best? I’m one lucky lady.

Melissa Joan Hart’s Book



I finished this book yesterday. I loved Clarissa growing up and follow Melissa Joan Hart on Instagram. I found her book very interesting to learn about her life as a “child actress” and how she kept her normal. She says it’s quite simple: she wanted to be an actress, not famous. She came from a good family and work was about work. She and her husband decided to move to Connecticut so their kids could grow up “normal.” I love reading these kinds of books because they are entertaining, easy to read and interesting. Now, I need a new book. Any recommendations?

This weekend we are going full force into apartment declutter. I’m going to an update post next week so you can see where we are right now and where we are at the end of the weekend. I know it’s going to be a big transformation!

What are your plans for this weekend? Any podcast or book recommendations? 

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