Friday Favs {April 29}

It’s Friday and this week went by insanely quickly. There wasn’t much of a routine and every day was different. I’m so excited for Monday that I hope this weekend goes quickly, too. Well, not too quickly, because it is still the weekend!!

For this quick week, here are my Friday Favs.

Tone It Up Bikini Series



I’ve shared my love of Tone It Up before but there’s nothing better than their Bikini Series. It’s 8 weeks of workouts, nutrition tips and recipes. I love it and have done their workouts every day this week. I don’t believe I will look like either of them at the end of the 8 weeks, but maybe just a little closer. It’s fun and takes the guess work out of what work out to d on any given day.

Skinny Confidential’s Podcast



The Skinny Confidential is a blog that focuses on health, wellness and lifestyle. I’ve read the blog on and off for a year (I actually found it when I googled Tone It Up) and when I saw that she had a podcast, I decided to give it a listen. She speaks with her fiancé, Michael, and their dynamic is great. They chat about her blog, business tips, social media and things happening in their lives. It is a nice combination of fun and practical chatting. Sometimes they interrupt each other too much for my liking and I don’t think I could listen to it every single day, but I enjoy it.

Honestly, this week, this is about it on the favs front. There’s not too much happening and I’ll probably take next week easy on the blogging front so I can spend time with my sister. The end.


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