Friday Favs {August 26}

Hooray, it’s Friday!! I’m coming off my high from having a wonderful week (check out these posts here and here) that became even more wonderful by having dinner with a friend from Michigan who was here on business.

This weekend we have plans to go to the Stuttgart Wine Festival and to visit a new to us area of downtown. I found a donut shop that I am dying to try. It’s going to be insanely hot, so staying cool is a top priority.

Since it is Friday, let’s get on with our regular scheduling programming, shall we? It’s time for Friday Favs.

Pink Salt


The cutest old man saw me looking at salt last week at the grocery store and handed this salt to me. He said it is the best salt available and makes everything taste good. He was so excited about it, so I figured I had to try it! O.M.G. It really does make everything taste better. I’ve put this salt on eggs, chicken, shrimp, literally anything I put in a pan. Bonus: it really is pink.

EveryGirl Article 

This article from The EveryGirl about lifestyle inflation. It’s message is just because you’re earning more money, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be spending more money. It was a great reminder that saving money now will only help in the future!

Zara Home

IMG_5710                      IMG_5711

Did you know Zara has home decor?! I had no idea. I’ve been searching for some new, bright placemats and coasters recently and my Googling brought me to Zara home. It is a lot like Anthropologie but they aren’t in Europe. I got these placemats and coasters and I just LOVE them. It’s going to be really hard to go to that site every day and buy something.

Great Summer Nights

Even though it is super hot during the day, the nights have been amazing. We’ve enjoyed sitting on the balcony and taking walks once it’s dark and cool. I think both of these will make the agenda tonight.

What are your favs from this week?

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