Friday Favs {December 2}

Happy December! I just love everything about December: the Christmas lights, the food, the quality time spent with family and friends, the fact that it’s okay to drink champagne at any time of day.

This start of December is extra exciting because my parents are coming tomorrow for a little over a week. We’re going to visit the Christmas markets, eat schnitzel and visit Switzerland next week. It is going to be so, so fun.

Looking forward to my parents’ visit is of course my number one thing this week, but here are some other Friday Favs for this December 2nd.

Gilmore Girls


I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls when it was on tv, but with the reunion series out now, I decided to give the show a try. And, I’m officially hooked. I used to think it was a little too much, like they were trying too hard. Now I’ve realized this is part of the show’s charm. I just started season 4 and I’m somewhat addicted to it. Do not spoil anything for me!

Donating old clothes

I recently went through my closet and purged some things, like a coat I’ve had since freshman year of college that’s been missing a button for years. Why was I keeping that? I had intentions of putting a new button on it, but I just didn’t do it. I donated some old shirts because I would wear them and see myself in a mirror and think, “This looks horrible. Why am I wearing this?” To the donate pile it went. It feels so great to get rid of things I don’t need and now I have space in my closet for new clothes!! Win, win.

Diary of Anne Frank


In preparation for our December trip to Amsterdam, I started reading Diary of Anne Frank. I attempted to read it several times in high school and for some reason stopped. I don’t know if it got too intense or too boring, but I am going to finish it this year. We are going to the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and I want to be prepared. It’s going to be an intense experience but I am looking forward to it. Her diary is such a window into the world of a young, Jewish girl during one of the worst times in history. What she misses and thinks about is so fascinating. I love how she focused on writing and learning to cope and that her outspokenness would get her in trouble with the other members of the annex. I hope by reading her diary, I will have a better understanding when we visit the museum.

Christmas markets

christmas market

I think Christmas markets are going to make the list every Friday until they are over. On Tuesday, I went to the Stuttgart Christmas Market with some girlfriends and Wednesday went to Ludwigsburg with Vinn and our friend, Sandra. I just love them. The Stuttgart market is incredible. It is huge and filled with shops with Christmas decorations. I wanted everything. I can’t wait to show my parents everything these markets have to offer, especially because my mom loves Christmas.

And that’ll do it for this week. What are your Friday Favs?

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