Friday Favs {December 4}

Wow! Where has this year gone? It’s officially December and I just can’t believe it. This week has been quite trying – Hubby has been working extra late, like not coming home until 10:30 PM, my work has been crazy and there’s been a lot happening around the world.

But, today is Friday and today we are focusing on the positive! Let’s hop right to it for this week’s edition of Friday Favs.

The return of #RHOBH



Thank God this franchise is back. I just love me some Lisa Vanderpump. Her sense of humor is on point and she is always a classy lady. She may go through some crazy drama and sometimes bring it upon herself, but she can do no wrong in my mind. This season looks like it’s going to filled with Girth Brooks type drama but this time it’s Lyme Disease and not cancer. Didn’t Brandi say, “It’s a break-up not cancer”? I hope there’s some fun shenanigans and not just drama. One can dream.

Working at Starbucks


3 days this week I’ve come to Starbucks at lunch to write. It is a wonderful change of scenery, a great way to rejuvenate halfway through the day and I get to write these lovely blog posts without puppy interruption.

For some reason, coming to Starbucks always reminds me of college. My BFF and I would come to Starbucks to study on Saturday mornings and it was just so great to enjoy some coffee, study or write papers and then take online shopping breaks. I want to go back to college! But the fun parts, not the cramming, studying part of college.

Matching pj’s



Growing up, every St. Nick’s day my mom would get my sister and me pajamas. It became such a tradition and I loved opening pajama pants with dogs on them that looked like our dog and penguins.

We haven’t done that for a few years…and my idea of sleeping attire has changed. Well, we are bringing it back this year! I was browsing Old Navy and found these pj pants (for $6!) and immediately texted my mom and sister. They were both on board for bringing back the matching pjs so I bought 3 of these pants and 3 grey henley shirts. I can’t wait for Christmas morning!

A great Orangetheory class

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.26.24 PM

I went to my beloved Orangetheory class on Thursday morning and it was the best class I’ve been to in a while. Admittedly, I am quite sore today!! I had 14 splat points (the goal is 12-24) and I am so pleased. Thanks to Lucy for such a hard, effective class!

What are your favs from this week? Are you looking forward to anything?

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