Friday Favs {Feb. 26}

TGIF. Thank Goodness it’s Friday. Yay. And it’s Fuller House premier day and I am super excited to watch one an episode. The reviews aren’t the best, but Full House was definitely cheesy, so I’m going to embrace it.

This week was trying, but still fun. The weather has been pretty nice and I’m looking forward to a weekend of exploring Stuttgart.

I was pretty bad at taking pictures this week, oops. So this week’s Friday Favs will be a little shorter than usual.

Long Copley walks



Copley and I took a 50 minute walk this morning and it was just lovely. She was barking at cars and I was listening to Bitch Sesh podcast. There was a mishap at work and my computer turned off today instead of Monday, so I just came home. But seeing this cutie’s face made it a-ok.

A nice family dinner



We went to a nice dinner as a family (Copley included) after we bought a car! We pick it up next week and I’ll write a full post about that experience. This rose was delicious, as was the company.

This sign 

german language


This sign basically says, “We have a dog and a gun.” I was really surprised to see this sign on a walk with Copley. Germany isn’t big on guns. The laws are really difficult for someone to have a gun in their home, which I really appreciate. This sign is both amusing and scary.

Refinery 29’s Money Diaries 

This article is fascinating. The website dives into what a fashion editor spends during NYC’s Fashion Week. Damn, cabs are expensive!

Crazy about Tiffany’s

There’s a new documentary out about the iconic jewelry brand. I really want to rent it on iTunes. There’s so much behind that little blue box that I don’t know. For example, did you know that Tiffany designed the New York Yankees logo?

What are your favs for this week?


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