Friday Favs February 17}

Happy Friday! This week has been pretty great. It’s been full of recovery from Vinn being sick over the weekend, grabbing breakfast with a friend and gearing up for our first trip of 2017. That’s right, this weekend Vinn and I are headed to Dublin, Ireland! I am so excited. We are going to visit the Book of Kells, the Irish Whiskey Museum, Guinness Storehouse and a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. Follow along our trip on Instagram!

But before we get too far into the weekend, let me share my Friday Favs for this week.

Well + Good Article 


This article on why staying in is the new going out really hit home for me. In college I couldn’t wait until Thursday night so I could start my weekend. I would go out Thursday, Friday and Saturday night without even thinking about it. And now, I think of any excuse to stay home. I love snuggling on the couch with Vinn and Copley while watching a movie. And, according to this article, it’s a new trend and really good for your health!

P.S. The Well + Good website is absolutely gorgeous. I just found it this week and can’t believe I lived without it for so long. I literally got lost in it for an hour yesterday.




Vinn and I binge watched this series on Netflix while he was sick last week. Unfortunately, German Netflix only has the first four seasons, so we’re two seasons behind. But this show is so great. It’s about a high-powered lawyer who hires a non-college graduate to be his associate at his law firm. It’s the story of how to keep the fact that Mike, the associate, didn’t go to law school under wraps, while working on big cases. It’s funny, intriguing, suspenseful and has a little bit of romance. Plus, Prince Harry’s girlfriend plays Mike’s love interest. I highly recommend this show!

Booking vacations


Probably my favorite from this week is that we booked two of our upcoming vacations, including a trip to the Champagne district with one of our best couple friends! This is the picture we sent them to show how excited we are for our trip in June. Poor Copley, I woke her up to take this picture. But she’s coming with us, so she had to be in the picture.

We are also going to Vienna in April, then to the States at the beginning of May, maybe Croatia (the flights are super expensive so we’ll see), then Champagne and maybe Nice with our same friends. And that’s all before June. This is going to be a great year full of travel and wine. And I’m so excited to kick it off this weekend.

What are your Friday Favs this week?

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