Friday Favs {February 27}

TGIF! Seriously, thank goodness this week is over. It hasn’t been as brutal work-wise, but this winter weather has got to go! I’m so sick of wearing my parka it’s ridiculous. (Side Note: This parka saved my life in college and this winter. It’s so warm!)

I have a lot to look forward to this coming weekend and next week, but here are my favs of this week!

Trader Joe’s Yogurt Pretzels


These pretzels are out of this world! I am serious. I had 8 pretzels on Monday, 8 pretzels on Wednesday and 8 pretzels last night. The serving size is 8, so to me, I can eat them without feeling guilty. And each serving has 190 calories, which isn’t bad for a dessert. I have been separating each serving into baggies so I don’t go through the entire bag in one sitting, which I’ve been known to do. #discipline

House of Cards Season 3 Premiere


YES! YES! YES! HOUSE OF CARDS! KEVIN SPACEY!!!  Season 3 has been released on Netflix and I can’t wait to get home tonight to binge watch with Hubby. Season 2 was epic and I’m still not over Season 1, Episode 1 <— OMG! Can’t wait to see what Frank and Claire are up to as Mr. President and First Lady.

Modern Family Episode 


This week’s Modern Family episode was fantastic. The entire thing was shot via Apple products – iPhones, iPads and Facetime. It was a glimpse into my own life/how I operate. I will be talking on the phone, looking something up and jumping to conclusions all before I’ve gotten the full story. It’s not a great quality. Maybe I’m just “ready” for motherhood <— just kidding. Maybe in like 5 years! Here’s a behind the scenes article!

Early Morning Work Outs


I’ve gotten my butt to the gym at 5:30 AM 3 times this week! #accomplished I feel so much better at 3 PM when I’ve spent the hour or so in the morning running/doing some sort of work out. Tuesday I did a sort but fast 2 mile run and some push-ups. Thursday I did a great cross-training work out. I was getting an early jump on my March goal to do more strength training. And today I did a 4 mile run. I’ve already hit my 10,000 steps goal of the day by 8 AM. It’s a great feeling today!

Anticipating Dinner Date Tomorrow 

Tomorrow Hubby and I are going on a 14 mile run. Well, it might just be me because Hubby is getting a cold. Our reward is going to be going out for a nice date for pizza and wine at Cellar 849. It’s this great little restaurant that specializes in Neapolitan pizza. It is so good I could cry!

What are your plans this weekend? What did you love this week? Did you watch Modern Family? Anticipating House of Cards as much as I am?


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