Friday Favs {German Words Edition}

Happy Friday! Today is the final day of celebrating the one year anniversary of living in Germany. And since it’s Friday Favs day, I thought I’d combine both topics and share my favorite German words.

The German language is really, really hard. Like, insanely hard. There are 16 words for the. 16! When to use which depends on if the noun is masculine, feminine, neutral or plural and which grammar tense is being used in a sentence. I get it wrong 50% of the time, but at least I try.

After learning some German words, here are some of my favorite German words.



Pretzels are everywhere in Germany, especially with butter or a butter bretzel. In German the p is a b and was the first word I learned in German. Every bakery has bretzels everywhere and is a typical German breakfast item. They are so delicious. Let’s be real, of course a food word would be at the top of my list.


Or ambulance. One nice thing about the German language is there are so many compound words to create a new word. In this example, krank means sick and wagen means car or truck. So, it is literally a sick car.


Or mullet. It’s pronounced foo-ku-heela. It’s just really fun to say and is one of my friend’s favorite words. We’ve only seen one once and we were so excited to say vokuhila!!


Literally translated this means muscle cat but it is how to say you have sore muscles. It’s a favorite and say it to anyone after I go to the gym. You would never say, I have muscle cats, in English! So silly.


Squirrel. Germans can’t really say squirrel and Americans can’t say Eichhörnchen. It is a really tough word to say but is Vinn’s favorite!

Have you learned a new language? What are your favorite English words?

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