Friday Favs {January 13}

Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January. 2017 is going to be halfway over in a flash.

This past week has been a rough one mentally, just thinking about the future and how to make our time here the best time ever. I want to make sure we travel as much as possible and I can find my passion when it comes to work. I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and all is great!

On a lighter note, today is Friday the 13th! I don’t think Friday the 13th is a negative day or will be scary. I was born born on the 13th, a Monday, so I think the 13th is a fantastic day! What do you think about it? And with Friday Favs, how can Friday the 13th be a bad thing? So, let’s jump right into it.

Jane the Virgin


I was wary to watch this show on Netflix last year, probably because I didn’t know anything about it. But, one day I didn’t want to watch any more Housewives, so Vinn and I started watching this series. AND OH MY! It is a Spanish telenovela about a young, Mexican twenty-something who gets accidentally artificially inseminated with a baby….and she’s a virgin! The show tells the story of Jane, her mother, her grandmother, her boyfriend, her baby daddy and her baby daddy’s ex-wife. There are twists and turns, a crime ring, romance and violence. It’s a show that Vinn and I both like, makes us laugh and me cry. We just finished watching Season 2 on Netflix and now we have to wait at least a year to find out what happens!!! We were left with our mouths wide open in complete shock. 

Leah Remini


love Leah Remini. She is absolutely hilarious, a pretty darn good actress and a fast talker. In high school, someone told me that she was my celebrity lookalike. I read her book about her life and why she left Scientology, which is incredibly fascinating. I guess now she has a reality show, so I spent about a half hour this week watching YouTube videos of her interviews and clips from her show. I just laughed hysterically.

My favorite situation: She was asked by a producer for her show to use 3 words to describe your wardrobe. She said: Shit that fits! If that’s not honesty and spot on, I don’t know what else is! I love celebrities who keep it real.

What women spend to be on The Bachelor

Now, I haven’t watched this show since…Trista and Ryan…maybe Jesse Palmer, which was in 2004 OR 8 years ago. I do love reality television, but for some reason, these shows don’t interest me. But what is interesting is this article from Refinery 29 about how much women spend so they can be on the show. I wonder how much housewives spend on their new wardrobe to be on the show.

And that’s about it for this week. It’s supposed to snow like crazy this weekend, so it will probably be another low-key weekend. What are you loving this week? 

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