Friday Favs {January 15}

What. A. Week. That’s all I have to say. This week was out of control and I could not be more excited for the weekend.

My parents are coming to take some of our stuff that we don’t want to put in storage and to say a final goodbye. But we are going to have some fun! We’re going to go have some yummy dinners and cheer on the Packers on Saturday night.

But before we hit the weekend, I thought I’d share my Friday Favs for this week.

Adele Carpool Karaoke

I’m not a die hard Adele fan, but I might be now!! Adele is great, she raps and she talks about a time that she got drunk while waiting for her friend at a restaurant. I must say that James Corden is amazing, too.

Detroit Auto Show



Part of my stress this week came from having to work the Detroit Auto Show. But, I did get a chance to walk the show and it’s definitely a highlight of this week.  There wasn’t anything too exciting at the show, but I did like this Toyota car above. I also really liked the Buick car. It’s a concept car and really steps up Buick’s image. They are taking away the grandpa car stigma and luring in a younger generation. As a member of the younger peeps, this car is cool. I probably wouldn’t consider a Buick yet, but it’s a brand that I would just write off like in the past.




Copley gets her own fav today. She’s always a favorite, of course, but this week is extra special. Monday was a tough day for me trying to coordinate everything to make sure Copley can move with us legally. The process is difficult to understand and the rules vary by country. But, we finally got it figured out and everything is rolling. Poor baby had to get another rabies shot today, though, to make sure we’re compliant with German law. Poor baby. She’s been extra snuggly and I just love her. Going through the extra effort to make sure she can come with us is well worth it.

What are your plans this weekend? What are your Friday favs?


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