Friday Favs {January 20}

Happy Friday! How’s everyone doing today? This week was a little rough because Vinn was out of town for for, so I was home alone for a few days. But, Copley and I managed to have a fun girls week. This weekend is going to be super low-key and I am really looking forward to it. After this weekend, the year is going to fly with all of our travel. 2017 is going to be a great year.

Without further ado, let’s jump to this week’s Friday Favs.

Vinn’s 29th Birthday


Of course, the number one favorite of this week is Vinn’s 29th birthday! It’s hard to believe we met as 18 year old, college freshman. We aren’t doing anything super special to celebrate, but will celebrate while we are in Dublin for sure. Vinn and I have spent 11 birthdays together and I can’t imagine life without you, babe.

Finishing Andy Cohen’s book


My love of Bravo wouldn’t exist without Andy Cohen. I love him and love all the shade he throws during the reunions. I read his first book and just finished his second book. It’s a diary that follows about a year in his life. And, boy, does he have some life. From interviewing the cast of Friends to having a casual dinner with Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper, he is constantly busy and working. I wish he shared a little more dirt on the behind the scenes of the housewives, but it’s a good, quick read. I enjoyed reading about him updating his apartment, how he is adjusting to having a rescue dog and his tour with Anderson. If you’re a Bravo fan, I’d definitely recommend.

“Chick Food”


Whenever Vinn is gone, I tend to make some “healthier” dishes and ones that he doesn’t necessarily like. Last night, I made zucchini noodles with meat sauce. It’s super easy and quick to make and the meat sauce keeps me full. If I said I don’t miss the pasta, I’d be lying, but the zoodles are a nice substitute. It is the perfect meal to make when I’m alone. Plus, I can easily make noodles for Vinn the next night.

What are your Friday Favs this week?

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