Friday Favs {January 29th}

TGIF. Thank Goodness It Is Friday! What a week. It wasn’t the easiest of weeks, and you can read about that here and here and here.

Even though this week was tough, I am changing my attitude to also focus on the positive! I’ve been deep breathing and telling myself not to freak out, that this will all work out. So, because it’s Friday, I still want to share my Friday Favs for this week.

Sushi Lunch Date

Hubby doesn’t eat sushi, so whenever I have a craving, I always grab it at lunch. So on Thursday, I went to a great sushi place to enjoy some me time and read some of my favorite blogs. I loved this place because the lunch special is soup, salad and 2 rolls for $10! Sign me up.

Another great part of my sushi date was that I sat next to a group of older ladies who I ended up chatting with and had a great time. They wished me luck on my move and immediately asked if I had kids that I was taking away from their grandparents. Too cute.

Copley’s Feeling Better

cockapoo puppy

Despite the fact that she cried and whined like crazy when I left her this morning, she is feeling much better. On the left she’s eating her real food! No more bland diet food for her, even though she really liked it. She inhaled that bland food. On the right is her taking a little break while I type this blog post. I’m so happy that she is no longer vomiting and is playing and acting like herself. We went to the vet yesterday to get all her paperwork in order for Germany and she is just perfect. Thank you for all your nice thoughts and prayers for her. I’m especially glad that this happened while we were in the States and knew who to call and where to go.

BFF Weekend

half marathon


Here we are after finishing the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon in 2012. It was insanely hot that day, can you tell? I am so excited that Megan is coming to hang out this weekend. It’s going to be so nice to catch up, spend some quality time together and enjoy some girl talk and Veuve champagne.

What’s on your weekend agenda? What are you favs from this week?

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