Friday Favs {January 8}

The first week back to work after a holiday or vacation is always the worst. I miss the flexibility of having no plans, going back to sleep for a few hours after taking Copley out, going to gym whenever I wanted and hanging out with family all day.

But, alas, the holidays never last as long as you want them to and the real world comes calling. And today, the real world calls for some Friday Favs.

My Erin Condren planner


This planner is my number one fav of the week and will probably continue to make its way on here in the future.

I purchased this Erin Condren planner in December. The cover has my full name on it so I don’t want to share for privacy. I love that I was able to select my own colors and font, the design layout and add on the meal planner. It’s a little pricey, but worth every penny.

It has been a God send this week. I have my work to-do list, my life to-do list, my workouts for the week, blog post ideas and my weekly meal plan. Here’s to be organized in 2016!!

Tone It Up Challenge



I’ve talked about my love for Tone It Up before and my love has increased this week with the kick off of the Tone It Up challenge. On Sunday I wrote down the workouts for the week from their weekly schedule and am proud to say I did every single one this week! I plan to do a full review post for this next week. I haven’t followed the meal plan because I’m not a member, but the challenge has definitely helped me stay on a healthier eating track.

Date Balls 



In an effort to be healthier, I made date balls over the weekend. They are the perfect size for snacking or I have 3 of them for breakfast. They taste like a homemade Lara bar. I loosely followed this recipe because I didn’t use walnuts. Instead, I used cocoa powder. Delicious.

Hunter Boots



I have wanted Hunter wellies for as long as I can remember. The tall ones are too tall for my short legs, though. I didn’t even know they made short ones until I opened these beauties and their sock counterparts on Christmas morning from my parents. And it’s raining today, so no time like the present to put them to use. I love them and they are so comfortable!!

Happy Endings 



It’s a new show and it automatically played last night on Hulu after Jimmy Fallon. We’ve been trying some new shows and access if we want to keep watching after the first 5 minutes. This one is the only new show so far to hold our attention! It has Coach from New Girl, Peter from Mindy Project, Annie from Marry Me (this show was short lived but we watched a few episodes) and Danielle from The Girl Next Door. The other 2 I’ve never heard of but this is quite a cast. There were laugh out loud moments, too! The series starts with Alex (Danielle from The Girl Next Door) leaving her husband to be at the alter. Queue the funny, yet sometimes obvious, one liners. I think we’ll add this show to our list.

Apparently this show isn’t new either, it’s been on for 3 seasons! How did we miss it?! I just realized it, too after looking up the character’s name from The Girl Next Door on IMDB.

This weekend is going to be another one for purging and organizing, with some sprinkles of fun with friends.

What are your favs this week? What are your plans for the weekend?


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