Friday Favs {July 15}

First and foremost, I am so sad to have learned this morning about the horrific attack in Nice. Yet another terrorist attack in a beautiful city during a time of celebration. What is this world coming to? It just breaks my heart that we live in a time of cops killing innocent people, people killing innocent officers and extremists killing anyone and everyone who believe something different to them. My heart goes out to all those affected and I pray that our world will come to a place of acceptance, peace and understanding. 

And it does seem trivial to even post a Friday Favs post today, but I started this blog as a way to focus on the great things in life and not the negativity. It is easy to wallow in the tragic events, especially now, but we must not let evil win. So, here are my favs from this week.

The Return of Jeff Lewis 


Oh Jeff Lewis. I have loved you since you yelled at your assistant for bringing you Pollo Loco with onions. “No onions, No Onions! You have to check the box!” If I could just have that sound byte on repeat, that would just make my day.

Jeff, Jenni, Zoila and the gang are back for season 9 (!?!) of Flipping Out. I’ve been watching season 8 thanks to the Bravo Now app and I just love this show. It combines drama, comedy and home decor in the best way possible. Vinn even likes tolerates this show. It’s probably the only Bravo show that he doesn’t need to leave the room if I watch.

Dear Sugar


Yet another podcast to add to my list of favorites! This one is from Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild, a book I highly recommend if you haven’t read it yet. Cheryl’s Dear Sugar column turned podcast is focus on providing advice to listeners and readers no matter the topic. Cheryl and her co-host have a no-nonsense approach and provide uplifting tips and tricks to get through this thing called life. I particularly like the episode about family secrets. Fascinating.

Jennifer Aniston’s Huffington Post essay 

Jennifer Aniston. What words would I use to describe you? Talented. Compassionate. Sheer Perfection. And my love only continues to grow, especially after reading her essay on Huffington Post this week, “For the Record.” She addresses the objectification of women in the public eye and how terrifying it is to be followed by paparazzi all day.

I can only imagine what she goes through on a daily basis. And the scrutiny she is under for having failed at relationships, not having children yet and just her life choices. Even though I admittedly love stalking celebs, I do feel for her. Her essay is well written, too. Give it a read!

BlueHost Customer Support

This is just a quick shout out to BlueHost and their customer service. This week I decided to jump into this blog with both feet and take it to the next level by switching my blog from a to a site and chose to host my site with BlueHost. I am in no way shape or form a tech-y and found a lot of the transition difficult. But, BlueHost was amazing. They answered every question I had and helped walk me through everything. I’m really excited to show you what I’ve been working on and will hopefully have a “relaunch’ of Room for Gelato next week!

Here’s to a great weekend spent hugging loved ones, playing tennis and a day trip to a castle! Have a great one.

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