Friday Favs {July 8}

Thank you so much for the kind words on yesterday’s post. I truly believe I have the best of  both worlds right now. I can work and keep my brain stimulated and I have time for my creative outlets and plan for the future.

Since today is Friday, I want to share my Friday Favs for this week! We don’t have anything on the agenda for this weekend, which is usually my favorite weekend. We want to play some tennis, have a date night and plan our upcoming vacations. It’s going to be quite hot here, so maybe some early morning and late evening walks with Copley will make it on our to-do list. Have a great weekend!

Real Housewives of New York and Orange County



Ok, so this season of New York is…getting better. It was boring at first and now I’m sucked in…per usual. What the eff is going on with Luann? She is acting like a crazy person. We get it, you’re in love. You’ve found your soul mate. But what’s with not forgiving Carole and saying you want nothing to do with her and then in this week’s episode, she’s loving Carole for being the most supportive?! WTF.

Oh, Orange County. You are becoming my favorite franchise. I’ve been re-watching old episodes as I clean/blog/sit on the couch and it is just so good. This season started off boring, but I think it’s going to pick up very, very soon!! Vicki is still annoying and semi-defending Brooks for faking cancer because she is a moron with low self-esteem who just wants to be loved. Tamra is being a softer version of her previous self, which I quite like. Heather will always be Fancy Pants and my idol. The new girl is a wacko. She obviously watched the show and knows the back story on everyone and is using her pre-conceived notions about everyone to be relevant. Me no likey. I can’t wait for the trip to Ireland and when they ride dune buggies and it tips over. I think this season is going to be the best yet. (I mean, they always say that, but I think this time it is true!)



I screen shot this picture yesterday and sent it to my sister. We used to watch this show ALL.THE.TIME. We even had some episodes on the orange Nickelodeon VHS tapes. Yes, seriously. It is very scary to think that Tommy Pickles would be legally allowed to drink this year. I really feel old.

I asked my sister what she thought Tommy would be up to now and her response was spot on: an entrepreneur who smokes weed. #real

Bachelorette Party Plans 

I am in the process of helping coordinate/plan a bachelorette party for my best friend! I am so excited to celebrate with her as she embarks on her new marriage next year. She planned my bachelorette party and I’m excited to return the favor. I hope to put a great weekend together for her that combines girl chats, champagne drinking and dancing!!

What are your favs from this week? 



  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 8th Jul 16

    Ah, the girl on OC drives me nuts too. I never used to watch the show but have been sucked in this season, LOL!

  2. Ara Lawrence | 8th Jul 16

    Massage! Aah! Theraputic massage to work on wrist which was broken and surrounding tissue which was compromised – really helps!

    Shopping to find some new pretty duds for a riverboat cruise; like white palazzo pants and pretty tops for evening!

    Spending time with my hubby, going places together, eating out, etc.

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