Friday Favs {June 10}

I have so much I’m looking forward to this weekend…like going back to the US of A. Woohoo. I’m so excited to see my parents and some of my best friends from high school and college. We are celebrating a friend’s wedding and I can’t wait!!

With so much to look forward to this weekend, it made the week go relatively slowly. And we had a little scare with Copley on Wednesday. Thank God for vets who speak English and she is totally fine. I am sad to leave her, though. But, let’s get to happier news with this week’s Friday Favs!

My First Tennis Lesson


I had my first tennis lesson on Wednesday afternoon. AND I LOVED IT! I am so happy to start doing something that has been a goal of mine for so long. As most people get older, they regret not taking piano lessons like their parents wanted them to. For me, that’s tennis. I did take a tennis camp when I was probably 8 or 9. It just didn’t click with me at the time. Well, on Wednesday, it clicked! I could immediately see an improvement in my swing and my confidence level. I want to get to the point where I can just go out and play and not look like a fool. Vinn and I also would love to play mixed doubles together some day!

A Happy Puppy


With her semi-health scare, i.e. over protective mom health, I am so happy that my Copley Bean is back to her normal, happy self!!

Dining Al Fresco


Last week we got our new adirondack chairs for our balcony. They are amazing. The weather has been touch and go recently, just with a lot of rain. But when that sun comes out, you will definitely find sitting out there with a bellini in hand.

Side note: I took this picture right before my phone fell off the balcony and onto the ground. And now it’s shattered. Thank goodness I still had my US phone. Hooray for short term solutions!!

What are your favs this week?


  1. Ara Lawrence | 10th Jun 16

    Safe Travels! We look forward to late July! Know you will have a blast. My Friday Fav is that today my sister comes to spend the day to help with a project. Lunch will be “Best Darn Ham Sandwiches, salad and chocolate-dipped strawberries! PT helping the wrist get back to normal. Love, Grandma

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