Friday Favs {June 19th}

Hi ya’ll. Happy Friday. Hubby and I watched a few episodes of Chrisley Knows Best last night, so I’m feeling the Southern accent.

I have big news: I finally got the phone I wrote about early this week! Yayy!! I’m so excited. I still can’t announce exactly what it is, but once I can, I’ll definitely share.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend, too. We’re going to an outdoor concert tonight, hopefully lounging by the pool and shopping.

Now, let’s get onto my favs from the week:

Reminiscing about family being in town


My family came into town this past weekend to celebrate my birthday. We went to a Tigers game and ate delicious food. It was hard to see them go. These 4 people are my favorite people in the whole world. I wished we lived closer so we could be together all the time!

New pineapple earrings


I picked up these pineapple earrings this weekend (only $22!!) and I am loving them. I am wearing them today. They are a great summer earring and remind me of when Hubby proposed at the pineapple fountain in Charleston, SC.



My mom brought me these hydrangeas over the weekend and they are still going strong. I absolutely adore hydrangeas and they add some life to our wine area. I wish I had a nicer pot to put them in, though. Also, do you think I should replace my candles? They aren’t the same color. Oops. This is real life people. Photo snapped this morning.

World War II Docu-series


Hubby and I found this docu-series on Netflix last night and we are hooked! I mean, legit hooked. We watched 2 episodes last night…well, Hubby watched 2 episodes. I mostly fell asleep. The series follows 12 men and women who fought during WWII around the globe. These heroic men and women have the most amazing stories and to hear their words and experiences is truly inspiring. Hubby and I are somewhat obsessed with WWII/Nazi documentaries because it was such a fascinating time in our history. I just can’t believe that some of these events happened.

What’s one event in history that you can’t believe happened? What are your plans this weekend? Any favs from this week?

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