Friday Favs {June 24}

Holy smokes. I can’t believe it’s Friday. I guess a week goes by really quickly when you spend one day traveling and the next day is all about recovering from said travel day.

This week certainly had some ups and downs, coming off the high that was seeing some of my favorite people. But, I still managed to have a pretty darn good week.

Young House Love Has a Podcast


The beloved John and Sherry of Young House Love are back and they are back with a podcast!! That’s right, a podcast. I’ve shared my love of podcasts and I am so excited that is amazing couple decided to come back into our lives. I loved their blog and their dynamic is perfect for this format. Young House Love Has a Podcast is amazing. They play games, talk to designers and share small tidbits of their lives. Sherry loves the housewives and I hope she talks about New York, too. Give it a listen. They are only about 30 minutes and perfect for your commute.

Getting Lunch with a Friend 


A friend reached out at the absolute perfect time to get together during the week. She is about to have a baby and is currently on maternity leave, so we headed out to lunch and to a summer lounge to cool off. Dipping our feet in the pool was wonderful! It was 90 degrees yesterday and there is no air conditioning in our apartment…or anywhere…so the cold water felt amazing. Even though it took me an hour to get to her, it was definitely worth it.



Copley also came to the pool with us. She didn’t go in, but I put some water on her so she wouldn’t overheat. I missed this puppy so much while we were gone and she has been my shadow since we got back. I absolutely love it. How could you not love this face? And I think this picture is frame-worthy.

The Nest 



I started reading The Nest right before we left for our Maine trip and I am hooked. At first I thought this book was going to be really predictable but NO! There have been so many twists and turns and I am sucked into it. I love it. I’m 50% done and I will probably finish this weekend.

We don’t have anything on the agenda this weekend, which is amazing. I’m hoping to do some cleaning, get back to the gym, do some much needed laundry and just hang out. The weather is going to be more comfortable and rainy, so I think some movie nights are in our future.

Have a great weekend!

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