Friday Favs {June 5}


Not much happened this week, but I am really looking forward to the weekend because I’m going to Chicago tonight to spend some quality time with my BFF. I haven’t seen her since March and this trip is long overdue.

Even though this week was mostly focused on work, I still having some Friday Favs to share!

Price of Gold


Hubby and I just watched this documentary last night on Netflix and it sucked us in! The documentary dives deep into the Nancy Kerrigan v. Tonya Harding battle during the 1994 Olympics. Seeing as I was only 6 years old when this was happening, it was fascinating to hear what actually happened. I pretty much only knew that Harding hit Kerrigan. Well, there’s so much more to it! Tonya sits downs and adamantly states that she had nothing to do with the attack on Nancy Kerrigan during the warm-ups of the U.S. Championships (some guy beat Nancy’s landing leg with a baseball bat), but the more the documentary portrays, the less I believe Tonya. She knew. She had to. Was it her idea? That I don’t know, but she definitely knew about it. Nancy Kerrigan declined being part of the interview, but her husband is interviewed. It’s worth a rainy day watch, for sure.

Summer Softball


I love softball. I played on my high school team and on a traveling, competitive team for 2 years. Last summer I joined my office softball team thinking it would be fun to get back the first sport I really ever loved. And it was fun. But my competitive side also came out!  I don’t think anyone saw it coming. This year, I’m going to try and stay positive and fun, and less competitive. We had our first practice last night (yes, practice!) and it was nice to get out there and throw the ball around. I can’t wait for the season! P.S. Short Stack is my nickname because I’m so “tall.” And I had a tendency to “slide” last year but as I was doing it, I would remember that I was wearing shorts and plop down like a dead fish, hence my insanely dirty uniform.

Teen Mom OG


Save your judgment! I am now addicted to this show. I happened to get sick on Tuesday and stayed home from work to veg on the couch. I saw Teen Mom OG on Hulu Plus and by the end of the day, I was almost done with the first season. I won’t deny, I watched 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, so Teen Mom OG seemed like something I would like. I will say that Maci is still my favorite because she’s the best mom. Although, I won’t count out Catelynn in that department, but she just had a baby so it’s too early to tell. Amber is still cray cray and Farrah, well, she has a boyfriend who obviously is only with her for the cameras. But I LOVE IT!

Am I the only with a guilty pleasure of trashy TV? What are you loving this week?

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