Friday Favs {March 10}

Wow, how is it already Friday? This week went by very quickly, yet slowly. Does that make sense? Like the days themselves went by slowly but somehow it’s already Friday in the blink of an eye!

This week was filled with meeting friends for dinner, solid work outs, some decent meals and lots of rain. There’s more rain today and this weekend looks to be a little cold. We don’t have too many plans this weekend. Copley is getting a haircut and we are having some friends over for drinks and appetizers. Here’s to a relaxing weekend.

But before we hop to the weekend, here are my Friday Favs for this week! I’d love to hear what your favs are, leave me a comment below.

Supportive friends


As I mentioned on Wednesday, my beloved Mima (my maternal grandmother) passed away. I have been overwhelmed with how much support my family and I have received from friends and family near and far. One of my best friends from high school event sent us these flowers. 1. I’m super impressed that they could send these all the way from Nashville. 2. Feeling support from thousands of miles away is so wonderful. Even though these circumstances aren’t the best, I feel so loved.

Vacation Planning


I am so excited about the rest of our travel plans for this year! This past week we booked a trip to Alsace, France with friends AND bought our flights to Nice, France with some of our best friends who are visiting from Nashville. We are going to Alsace Easter weekend and then Nice at the end of June. Isn’t this picture of Nice just gorgeous? I can’t wait to walk around, get some sun and maybe see some famous people!

I’d love some recommendations if you’ve ever been to any of these places!



I love brunch and is something I miss about the States. Cafes are a plenty here in Germany with incredible coffee and pastries, but I miss the all you can drink mimosas type of brunch.

On Wednesday, I met up with a friend from brunch in Stuttgart. And I say brunch because it was 10 AM and not because of the mimosas. We went to List Cafe and had the best time! I had a cappuccino and some overnight oats, or the German version of it, with fruit. It was delicious. I seriously love cappuccinos and spending time with a friend talking about vacations, life in Germany and future plans was so fun.

A new podcast 


You know how much I love podcasts and I have found a new one that is fascinating. Missing Richard Simmons is a Serial-like podcast about the search for the man who brought dancing workouts to the public. Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen since 2014. He stopped showing up to teach his exercise classes, hasn’t been in touch with friends and hasn’t been spotted on any celebrity home tours around LA.

This podcast follows one Simmons friend’s journey to finding him and getting to the bottom of why he fell off the face of the earth. It’s a great listen and fascinating to learn about who Richard Simmons really is.

What are your favs this week? Any great podcast recommendations?

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