Friday Favs {March 18}

Wow. How is it Friday already?

But it’s Friday nonetheless and here’s the my Friday Favs for this week.

Spring Weather is Here



I enjoyed this for lunch yesterday sitting outside of a cafe. It was amazing to just sit outside, drink some Prosecco and read. It makes me so excited for the great weather and longer sunlight!

Leah Remini’s Book, Troublemaker

I finished her book this week. It took me one week. It was fascinating.

The purpose of the book is to show how she left the Church of Scientology and her life in general. What is Scientology? The goal of Scientology: to make the world a better place by saving the planet. You sign a 1 billion year contract. Yes, that’s billion with a B.

Leah says that while she worked in the Sea Org, a top-notch location in Clearwater, Florida, she stole food because she was so hungry. Years later, she admitted to stealing food during one of her audits. Her “punishment” for stealing food more than twenty years ago was to pay retribution to the church. And that cost…$40,000!

Some more crazy stories:

1. Leah was thrown overboard from a boat for not following the rules.
2. During Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding, which Leah attended, Suri was there and crying from the bathroom. When Leah walked in, three women were just staring at the baby on the floor. The women weren’t doing anything to comfort Suri. Leah was so enraged that she yelled at the women, “Pick up the baby! Go get her a bottle!” No one moved.
3. Also at Tom’s wedding, Leah saw some peculiar situations and not just for Scientologists. She saw people cheating on their spouses, treating wait staff horribly, and the wife of the highest leader wasn’t present. After the wedding, Leah realized that her church was full of cracks and she needed to save it.
4. The highest leader would physically beat other high ranking officials.

The book is definitely worth reading if you are somewhat interested in Scientology or like Leah Remini at all.

John McEnroe on Alec Baldwin’s Podcast



I’ve shared my love for Alec Baldwin’s podcast before and I listened to an old episode the other day with John McEnroe.

I enjoy watching tennis and Hubby loves playing and watching tennis. So John McEnroe is an interesting character in our house and to listen to him talk about his tennis experience, what he’s doing for future of tennis and his life advice in general was fascinating.

McEnroe believes that kids should play more than one sport. He has a tennis clinic outside of New York City and he tells parents all the time that kids shouldn’t devote their entire lives to tennis. He believes it makes kids resent the sport and gives them the opportunity to explore more interests, ultimately making them a better tennis player. I found this amazing advice because I knew kids growing up who’s parents would force them into playing some sport all-year round in the hopes of the kid getting a college scholarship, even if the kid didn’t want it!

McEnroe thinks US tennis is falling behind. All the good players aren’t from the US. He wants the US to take more interest in tennis and produce great athletes. “All the great US athletes are playing basketball and football. Because that’s where the money is.” He wants the rules of tennis to change, like no more refs on the court and to get rid of the warm-up.  The one great thing about tennis according to McEnroe is that there is equal pay for men and women.

Lastly, McEnroe talked about how ever since he stopped playing tennis he has focused on him as a person and not as a tennis player. He used to identify himself as the best tennis player in the world and once he stopped playing he realized he was a cocky SOB. At the end of each year he reflects to see if he was a better person that year compared to the year before. “That’s what life is about.” Wow. Profound words from the guy who is best known for screaming at line refs on the tennis court.

OK, that was a really long Friday Favs post. Oopsie.

What are your favs from this week?

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