Friday Favs {March 20}

First and foremost, huge happy birthday shout out to my momma! Happy Birthday, Mom!

#TGIF! I am so happy it’s Friday. This week really flew by and I am really looking forward to this weekend celebrating my mom’s birthday with my family. Even my sister will be there! Yayy!! I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I need some sissy time.

Here are some of my favs from this past week:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


If you don’t already have Netflix, < —- are you living under a rock?! then you need to get it right now so you can watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s created by Tina Fey and absolutely hilarious. It’s only 13 episodes and Hubby and I spent last weekend binge watching it. The premise is a little ridiculous: Kimmy gets abducted by a crazy man who believes the apocalypse is coming. He forces Kimmy and 3 other women to stay in a bunker for 15 years. The women get set free and Kimmy decides to move to NYC. The show is all about her adventures as she gets herself acquainted with the real world. The theme song is amazing, it’s Tina Fey, it’s Jane Krakowski…what else do you need?

Bachelorette Party Planning


With one of my BFF’s getting married in November, it’s time to start planning her bachelorette party! Her sister sent out an email last week with dates, themes and ideas. I’m so excited to celebrate my friend and can’t wait to be back in one of my favorite cities and dancing the night away with girlfriends.

An Article on Morning Running

Runner’s World has been an every day visit since Hubby and I signed up for the marathon. This article popped up on my radar today and it gives great advice on learning to run early in the morning.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


I had 2 ripe bananas on Tuesday, so I decided to look up some recipes for muffins. I followed this recipe almost exactly and these muffins are delicious. It’s almost exactly because I dumped 1/3 of a bag of chocolate chips in there. Oops! #sorrynotsorry

That’s it for now! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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