Friday Favs {March 4}

What a week! TGIF, indeed. I am so happy it’s Friday, I can’t even tell you! What a week it has been over here in Germany. In case you missed it, you can read the past week’s escapades here, here and here.

Even though this week was a little rough, actually rougher than I expected, there were still some highlights. So, let’s jump into those in this week’s edition of Friday Favs.

Getting work done while drinking cappuccinos



And by work I mean, writing random thoughts about a book idea I have. Which, I think, still counts as work. It was actually fun! Today I went to the local bakery, ordered yogurt with fruit and a cappuccino and wrote for 2.5 hours, while listening to music. It was lovely. I’m not sure if I’ll keep any of the content, but still, it’s a start!

And, can we please look at how cute the bunny is in the vase?! Oh, love!

Morgan Freeman on Jimmy Kimmel

The voice of God takes his amazing voice to the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. Amazing.

Starting to feel organized

Since I’m not working at the moment, I took the opportunity this week to start to get organized. I emailed a few petsitters and plan on meeting them in 2 weeks. We all know I am borderline obsessed with Copley and I want to find the best petsitter available. I want someone I can trust and that loves Copley. I know, I’m psycho. I also started searching for doctors, too. Doctors are a necessity, obviously, and I hope to schedule an appointment in the next few weeks. And we pick up our car tomorrow. Things are happening and I’m excited to see what the future holds!!

What are your Friday favs?


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