Friday Favs {May 15}

What a week. It’s been super crazy around our house. Hubby has been working like crazy, I’ve been working like crazy and trying to stay on my health kick, which has been going really well. Oh, and we have a puppy who loves attention!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That being said, here are my favs from this past week.

Pitch Perfect 2


Hubby and I went with a group of friends to see this movie last night and OMG it does not disappoint. The music is amazing and Rebel Wilson is absolutely hilarious. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard at one point. The music is the real selling point of this movie. The mash-ups are amazing. The Green Bay Packers cameo, epic. And honestly probably the only reason Hubby went to go see it. Oh, and Anna Kendrick.

I give this movie an A-. I’m glad we saw it in the theater, I laughed aloud and I want to buy the soundtrack. I’ll definitely also want to watch it again. You should just go see it!

Theaters with reclining seats 


We went to see the movie in a theater that just got new seats. They were amazing. They were leather, reclined electrically, and the arm rests lifted for snuggling. I admit, I really enjoyed the recline. Hubby and I snuggled during some parts but not through the entire thing because it got too uncomfortable and I didn’t want to fall asleep!

P.S. My shoes are old Sperry’s! They are so comfortable. I actually wore them on our last European vacation and my feet never hurt from all the walking.

Looking forward to our Sunday plans: Nick Offerman


We’re going to this comedy show on Sunday and I can’t wait!! Nick Offerman and his wife, Megan Muallally! I am so pumped! I loved Megan on Will & Grace and loved Nick on Parks and Recreation! I hope this show doesn’t disappoint.




I’ve heard a lot about Fabletics on other blog sites and I decided to bite the bullet and become a member. (Please note: non of these links are affiliate. I really did buy this)! I love Kate Hudson and I love work out apparel, seemed like a win-win. I ordered the above top and bottom for only $25 (since it was my first order) and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I hope it fits! It’s great motivation for me to keep working out if I have a cute outfit.

What are your favs from this week? Where do you buy your work out apparel? Are you going to see Pitch Perfect 2?


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