Friday Favs {May 22}

Happy Friday! Holy cow, I can’t believe May is basically over. Where did the time go?

I’m here to discuss my Friday Favs of the week. It’s been a pretty wild week, but I’m really looking forward to a nice, long weekend with family.

Pitch Perfect & Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtracks

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.32.50 AM

I know I mentioned Pitch Perfect 2 last week, and it is still a fav. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack ALL WEEK. I mean, literally, all week! I listen to it on Spotify at work and then on my iPod when I’m at the gym or taking Copley for a walk. I love it so much. I catch myself singing and dancing at my desk and then feel like a fool and look around to see if anyone’s watching. I think my favorite song is still from the original movie. It’s gotta be Cups that Anna Kendrick sings while she’s trying out for the Bellas. I have no idea why..but I love it!

Copley’s haircut and long walks


I have to give a shout out to Copley’s groomer, Dog-Gone Beautiful. They are the best! They let the dogs roam around when they aren’t getting groomed, so it’s also like doggie daycare. No dogs go in a cage EVER! I love that. And look at her cute little bandana she got!

I’m also loving taking her on long walks lately. Thanks to the great weather and longer daylight, we’ve taken at least a 1 mile walk every night. Last night we went for a 2 mile walk and she looked so happy when we were done. Happy pup = happy mama.

Dinner with my parents this weekend 


I’m really pumped to see my parents this weekend and just hang out with them. The last time we saw them was in Nashville and we were a little busy and couldn’t really chill with them. We’re going to hit up one of their favorite restaurants, NADA, and I just want to be sipping on a cocktail on that orange sofa. Don’t you?

The Office


I know, I know. I lived under a rock for years! I never watched The Office when it was “live.” Please don’t hate me. I just never could get into it and there was probably some Real Housewives on at the same time. But, thanks to my persuasive Hubby and the power of Netflix, I’ve been addicted. Every night this week Hubby and I watched at least 3 episodes. AND IT IS SO FUNNY! I know you already know this, but I had no idea. I am loving it. It’s nice to have a show to watch that Hubby and I can enjoy together.

What are your plans for Memorial Day? What shows do you and your significant other watch together? 

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