Friday Favs {May 28}

Well, here we are, another #FridayFavs. How is it Friday already? I can’t even believe it! I think I say that every week, though. It’s not like it’s a surprise that Friday comes. There’s a Brad Paisley song that says, “Every week has a weekend.” It’s one of my favorites.

Anyhoo, let’s hop right to it. Here are my Friday Favs for the week.

New Chair Seats


Our kitchen table and chairs are old, like super old. The table belonged to my parents and I wanted to change up the seat fabric. I chose the fabric and attempted to do it myself…I mean, for my dad to do it! Well, the stripes made it difficult. We couldn’t get the lines straight and there were too many curse words to make this worth it. So, we brought them home and I dropped them off at a professional. He did a fantastic job and it was $100! A quick fix. I love them!! Note: the seats aren’t Scotch Guarded yet, so they aren’t screwed back into the chair.

My Birthday Gift from my Parents


I am officially a proud owner of a Tory Burch bag. I have coveted this bag for a long time. Literally every time Hubby would come with me to Nordstrom, I would show him this bag and hint, not so subtly, that I wanted this bag.  This is the York tote and I got it in the smaller version. I originally wanted the larger version, but when I put it on, it was too big for an every day bag. It was more of a catch all if I wanted to use one bag for my laptop and purse. And I don’t. I have used it every single day this week. Isn’t it purdy?



I watched this movie with my parents over the weekend and it was the perfect Memorial Day movie. This movie is spectacular. The story is unreal. An Italian American gets sent to Japan during WWII when his plane crashes over the ocean. He and two others, the other 11 on the plane died instantly, live on a raft for over 40 days. 40 DAYS!!! I can’t even imagine. Only two survive. A Japanese military boat finds them and takes them to a prison camp. The movie goes deep into what it’s like for these heroic men to be workers in the camp and the lengths they go to to survive.

I’m not a huge Angelina Jolie fan, but this movie may have changed my mind. She directed the film and it was done beautifully. It wasn’t the best mood lifter, but it was a great reminder of what soldiers go through and how much they sacrifice to keep our country free.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Any new loves from the past week?

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