Friday Favs {November 25}

Happy Black Friday to all my American friends. Black Friday exists in Germany, but it’s definitely not as big and stores are only open during normal business hours. I’ve never been that person to go to Target bright and early on Black Friday, but online shopping, yes please! I think a trip to Amazon while sitting on the couch is in order today. How about you?

Since it’s Friday and there’s so much to be thankful for, I thought I’d share my Friday Favs for the week per usual.

Friends on Netflix


Friends is probably my favorite show of all time. I know all the quotes, could beat anyone at trivia (except maybe my cousin) and watch the entire series every summer…except this summer. I left behind my DVDs of the series and the show hasn’t been on German Netflix, until now. And my heart is a flutter. We’ve been watching it every night and it’s just as good as I remember. I can’t believe the show came out in the early 1990’s, when I could barely write my name.

Yesterday we watched my favorite Thanksgiving episode, “The One where Ross got high.” It’s the one where Rachel puts beef in the trifle, Phoebe has a crush on Monica’s dad and the Gellar’s think Chandler got high in high school. Classic.

Friends giving tomorrow 

I have been hard at work baking for our friends giving tomorrow and I am so excited! I’m making pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter bars for dessert. Put me in charge of dessert and I have to have some kind of cookie and something peanut butter. I’m also bringing the mashed potatoes and green bean salad. It’s so nice to have a group of friends to spend this holiday with. We are very lucky.

This ornament 

honeymoon ornament

I love all of our ornaments, but this one in particular is so special. We went to Aruba for our honeymoon and bought this ornament before we left. It’s painted on a white ball and I just love the ‘Just Married’ sign on the beach chairs. It brings back great memories.

A great soup recipe

I have been slightly obsessed with recently. Everything I’ve made from her website has been delicious and this recipe for chicken tortellini soup is no exception. It only took 30 minutes, was absolutely delicious and one that I would make again.

What are your favs from this week?

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