Friday Favs {October 14}

What a week. Late Wednesday night I started to feel a cold coming, more a rundown feeling than sick. And then I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat, sinus pressure, coughing and sneezing. Ugh. I stayed home from work, canceled my German lesson and spent most of the day on Thursday on the couch watching old episodes of Real Housewives. I am feeling better today but not 100%. I slept in, canceled my tennis lesson and all I have to do today is teach one English class.

I hate feeling sick. I hate feeling helpless. But, being on the couch has been super relaxing. I foresee a lot of the same for the weekend. And poor Vinn had to get on a flight on Wednesday to go to Madrid for work. He’s feeling sick, too. So, two sickos on the couch will be the title for the weekend.

But, even though I haven’t been feeling well, there are still some Friday Favs for this week.

Looking at our Venice pictures way more than necessary

venice italy

I am obsessed with our pictures from Venice. I just keep looking at them. I can’t believe we just spent a weekend there. We are so lucky to be able to hop on a plane to another country and not feel any jet lag. When will ever have this opportunity? Um, never. We are certainly taking advantage of our time here in Germany to hope to visit as many countries as possible.

Reuniting with Copley


While vacation is amazing, there’s nothing like coming home and being with Copley. I just love this dog so darn much. Have I mentioned that yet? She has been extra snuggly this week because she can tell I don’t feel well. I love cuddling with her on the couch and in bed. She’s been a great sleeper, too. She’s been getting up at 6:30, going outside, eating breakfast and then coming back to bed until 10 or so. The sleeping for me feels great and the puppy snuggles are a great bonus.

This article on giving up coffee for a month

I love coffee, especially cappuccinos. This article from Refinery29 gives great insight into what one woman went through when she gave up caffeine for one month.

And that’s a wrap, folks. With a short week and getting sick, there’s not too much happening over here. I can’t wait for a relaxing weekend.

What are your favs from this week?

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