Friday Favs…On Monday

Hi Ya’ll. How are you? How was your weekend? My weekend was quite fabulous. I was exhausted on Friday and wanted to go to bed around 8 PM. Hence, no post on Friday. Tear.

I love writing my Friday Favs posts and don’t want to miss a week. So I figured, I’d just write it on Monday!!


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I stumbled upon this website after an article on Forbes‘ about this couple, I had to learn more. A young, Boston based couple did everything “right.” They both went to college, got great jobs, got married…and then realized their dreams didn’t take place during the 9 to 5. The couple decided their dream was to retire by age 33….huh? Wha wha.

They save almost 81% of their paychecks in order to get to this goal. They don’t go shopping, out to dinner or vacations. All so they can get to a seemingly unreachable goal.

The couple started the blog, Frugalwoods, to share their money saving tips and how they live minimally. It is fascinating. Now, there’s no way I will retire by 33, hello, student loans, but I commend this couple for knowing what they want and going after it!

Blogger Babies


I have read Peanut Butter Fingers for about 3 years. I love Julie and think she and her husband are great. I feel like we’d be friends in real life. I also feel like we’ve followed a similar path: meeting someone in college, getting married at 25…well, the similarities end there, but she just had a baby at 30. I’d love to have a baby at 30. It just sounds like the perfect age.

Julie gave birth to her son last week and has been sharing her transition on the blog. Chase is precious.

Also, Cupcakes and Cashmere had a baby, Fitnessista is having a baby soon, Pink Peonies and Carrots ‘N Cake had her son last year. Is there something in the blogger water? I better not drink it. Oh, and I’m probably not “famous” enough to come close to that water.

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding


I love Jennifer Aniston. I have always loved Jennifer Aniston. I loved her and Brad Pitt. I loved her as Rachel on Friends. I’m still upset that she and Vince Vaughn didn’t make it. And she finally sealed her deal last week. She and Justin got married!! I hope this is it for her. I hope she’s happy and I hope she has a baby.

How was your weekend? What are you loving lately?

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