Friday Favs {September 11}

Happy Friday. I just love short work weeks. Why can’t they all be 4 days?! I’d love to have that life.

Like all Fridays, I thought I’d share some favs from this week. First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge that today is September 11th and want to send condolences to those who lost loved ones from the attack and to those who continue to fight the fight.

Moment of silence over.

Now, onto my favorite things from this week.

Mule mugs


I’ve been on the hunt for some great copper mugs that don’t cost $80. And I went to Target at lunch yesterday and found these!! Perfect design, perfect price. I bought 4 and enjoyed a dark and stormy (rum with ginger beer and mint) that night.

Rewind candle


Hubby brought this home for me one night and I love it! These candles are made from old wine bottles and have a scent like wine. This one is merlot and it smells absolutely incredible! I also really love how the light reflects in the green glass. I’ve probably lit the candle everyday for the last week because I love it so much!

Reading at lunch


This past week I’ve enjoyed going to lunch by myself and reading my book. I’m currently reading Lena Dunham’s book and while it’s not my favorite, it’s definitely a decent read. I love the time to myself and doing something I love to do. It’s a great way to break up the day and absolutely gives me energy to power through until 5 PM.

US Weekly’s grammatical mistake


I guess this isn’t really a favorite, but this just made me laugh out loud. “Our 1st Annual” is not even close to being correct. It’s inaugural, US Weekly!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend of hanging out with Hubby, going for a run and volunteering for a friend’s race company. She’s putting on the Growler Gallop for all those in Detroit!! Enjoy your weekend.

What are your favs from the week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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