Friday Favs {September 16}

Well, hello there. Thank you for joining me today. This week was actually fantastic. I got a haircut, I had dinner with some other American girls, I had German lessons, went to work and blogged.

Finn’s been working really hard this week and pretty late into the evening. We are both really looking forward to this weekend. It’s going to feel like fall here in Germany and we are going to spend some time out and about, but also home on the couch/cleaning the entire apartment. It is in dire need of a cleaning.

And since this week was so fantastic, I have quite a bit to share for this week’s Friday Favs.

Dinner with other American Girls 

Finding friends has certainly been a little difficult here in Germany. There are other women at Bosch that I know and there are people I can talk to, but I haven’t really found that group of girls I can call to grab dinner or a manicure or go shopping.

Well, I am happy to report that I have officially met some girls that I consider friends! We went out to dinner on Wednesday night and it was just so great to talk to women going through the exact same thing as me. We talked about how difficult it is to be away from family, all the funny German words, timing of having kids and how that’s so difficult, our upcoming travels and much more. It was just so great. I left feeling rejuvenated and extremely happy. And, fun fact, one of them is actually in the same sorority as me!! Meant to be.

Fall is here

fall in germany

I snapped this picture on a walk earlier today. I’ve been trying to do as much walking as possible while the weather is still nice. And look at all those leaves on the ground. Fall is probably my favorite season of the entire year. Wearing scarves, eating everything pumpkin, riding boots, vineyards are at their absolutely most gorgeous. I just love everything about fall. I can’t wait to experience our first fall in Europe.

New YouTube channels

I’ve shared my love for YouTube channels before and I have now found some new channels that are great. Did you know Shawn Johnson of Olympic Gymnastics fame has a YouTube channel? I loved watching her in 2008 and she is just the cutest. She got married over the summer and she blogs about once a week. And I found through Shawn’s channel and Alex Garza’s channel, Mallory Ervin. Mallory was Miss Kentucky and came in the top five of Miss America. She has the cutest Southern accent, is planning her wedding and is all-around hilarious. I literally laugh out loud at the things she says.

I also found a German soap opera on YouTube, but I won’t share that one because I doubt anyone will want to watch it. It’s really poorly done, but it’s helping me learn German.

German movies at the library

movies in german

Guys, I am loving the library here. I haven’t been to a library since college, but I have been twice in the past month. They have so many books and so many books that help you learn German. And this past time, I checked out some movies in German. I decided to pick some movies that I either know by heart or are aimed at kids. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time, so that’s an obvious choice. I’ve seen Frozen a handful of times and figure the language is simple since it’s for kids. And finally, You’ve Got Mail. A true classic. I know every line of this movie, so I know I can follow along.

I’ll definitely report back on what it’s like to watch movies in German. I really want to up my game with learning the language. I can understand people, but I need to get out of my comfort zone and speak more.

Playing tennis again

I haven’t played tennis since the end of July. Today, I had my first lesson since then. While it was a little rough, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well I did and how much I enjoy the sport. I just feel like it’s such a great sport to play for your entire life and have dreams of playing doubles against our kids someday.

What are your Friday favs for this past week? Do you have big plans for the weekend? 

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